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Hayashi Tetsuya Last modified date:2023.05.19

Professor / Faculty of Medical Sciences
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Medical Science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Genome science, Molecular biology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research: I am working on microbial researches based on genome analyses toward the understanding of genetic features of human and animal pathogens and commensals and their pathogenicity and evolution, which include the analyses of microbial communities such as intestinal microbial flora. I am also promoting the application of research outcomes to the development of tools for diagnosis and epidemiology of bacterial infections. Education: I am teaching on bacteriology and microbial genomics for under and graduate students in medical school. Others: I am working as a board member of Japanese Society for Bacteriology and the president of its Kyushu branch, PO of AMED/NBRP, editors of 3 journals (Microbial genomics, DNA Research , Microbiology & Immunology).
Research Interests
  • Genome analysis of a variety of pathogenic and commensal bacteria from human animals. Genome analysis of bacterial communities, such as bacterial flora of the intestinal tract. Development of new molecular tools for diagnosis and molecular epidemiology. Clinical sequencing of bacterial strains from suspected outbreaks.
    keyword : pathogenic bacteria, commensal bacteria, indigenous bacterial flora, genome abnalysis, metagenome analysis, genetics, pathogenicity, evolution, moelular epidemiology, bacteriophage, horizonntal gene transfer
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • American Society of Microbiorogy
  • Japanease Society for Bacteriology
  • Japanease Society for Bacteriology
  • Society of Genome Microbiology, Japan
Educational Activities
Bacteriology, parasitology, and microbial genomics for under and graduate students in Medical school