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Katsuya Yamauchi Last modified date:2023.11.27

Associate Professor / Science of Sound Design
Department of Acoustic Design
Faculty of Design

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Field of Specialization
Psychoacoustics, Noise Control Engineering
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Outline Activities
His research interest includes environmental acoustics, noise control engineering and sound design, which are investigated through psycho-acoustical evaluation. Recently, he has been focused on the issues concerning the sound of next generation vehicles (such as electric or hybrid electric vehicles, EV/HEV) to discuss future road traffic noise and urban sound environment.
Research Interests
  • Study on Design of Auditory Sign
    keyword : Auditory Sign, Sound Design, Subjective Evaluation
  • Prediction accuracy of the road traffic noise calculation
    keyword : Road Traffic Noise, Prediction Accuracy, Uncertainty
  • Study on sound design for quiet vehicles (EV/HEV)
    keyword : Sound Design, Subjective Evaluation, Electric Vehicles/ Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV), Traffic Noise
  • Study on Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Sound for quiet vehicles (EV/HEV)
    keyword : Subjective Evaluation, Electric Vehicles/ Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV), Traffic Noise
  • Prediction of the effect of next generation vehicle on urban road traffic noise
    keyword : Road Traffic Noise, Prediction, Next Generation Vehicles (EV/HEV), Acoustic Power Level
  • Subjective evaluation on aerodynamic noise of vehicle door mirror
    keyword : Aerodynamic noise, vehicle NVH, subjective evaluation, vehicle door mirror
Academic Activities
1. Katsuya Yamauchi, Relationship between Acceleration Impression and Frequency Shifting of Vehicle Sound, UN/ECE/WP29/GRB/QRTV, Informal Document GTRQRTV-05-03e, 2013.12.
1. Kiichi Naka, Katsuya Yamauchi, Audio–Visual Cross-Modal Correspondences of Perceived Urgency: Examination through a Speeded Discrimination Task, Multisensory Research, 10.1163/22134808-bja10099, 36, 413-428, 2023.05, [URL].
2. Masayuki Takada, Shoki Tsunekawa, Kazuma Hashimoto, Tamaki Inada, Ki-Hong Kim, Yoshinao Oeda, Katsuya Yamauchi, Shin-ichiro Iwamiya, Analysis of the Effects and Causes of Driver Horn Use on the Acoustic Environment at Urban Intersections in Taiwan, Applied Sciences, 10.3390/app12125917, 12, 12, 2022.06.
3. Massimiliano Masullo, Katsuya Yamauchi, Minori Dan, Federico Cioffi, Luigi Maffei, Intercultural Differences in the Perception of HVAC Sound Quality in Car Cabins: From Conventional to Electric Vehicles, Applied Sciences, 10.3390/app112311431, 11, 23, 2021.12, [URL].
4. Katsuya Yamauchi, Moe Yabuno, Ryudai Yamasaki, Sound power level of electric vehicles running in steady low speed, Acoustical Science and Technology, 10.1250/ast.41.626, 41, 3, 626-629, 2020.01.
5. Pedro Poveda-Martinez, Mizuki Kawaguchi, Katsuya Yamauchi, Jaime Ramis-Soriano, Sound pleasantness of electrically adjustable exterior mirrors in vehicles, Applied Acoustics, 10.1016/j.apacoust.2018.09.009, 143, 190-199, 2019.01.
6. Katsuya Yamauchi, Daniel Menzel, Masayuki Takada, Koji Nagahata, Shin Ichro Iwamiya, Hugo Fastl, Psychoacoustic examination of feasible level of additional warning sound for quiet vehicles, Acoustical Science and Technology, 10.1250/ast.36.120, 36, 2, 120-125, 2015.03.
1. Katsuya Yamauchi, Jo Yoshino, Measurement and Assessment on Environmental Noise Impact of Electric Vehicles in Accelerating Condition, Inter-noise 2021, 2021.08.
2. Katsuya Yamauchi, Influence of Secondary Tasks on Detection of Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems, NOISE-CON 2020, 2020.11.
3. Massimiliano Masullo, Katsuya Yamauchi, Yumi Nakatani and Luigi Maffei, HVAC noise perception in car cabin: a preliminary comparison between ICEVs and HEVs, 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA2019), 2019.09.
4. Katsuya Yamauchi, Terutoshi Tajika, Akinori Fukushima and Ken Anai, Road Traffic Noise Prediction Model ”ASJ RTN-Model 2018” Proposed by The Acoustical Society of Japan - Part 5: Study on Prediction Accuracy, 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA2019), 2019.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Acoustical Society of Japan
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan
  • Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
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