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Takatsugu Ono Last modified date:2022.06.30

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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
System architecture
Research Interests
  • Highly energy-efficient processing by controlling flexibility of information carrier utilizing artificial spins
    keyword : magnetic josephson junction, single flux quantum, approximate computing, information carrier
  • A study of a side-channel attack resistance for embedded systems
    keyword : Side-channel attack, Secure computing, Hardware security
  • 100 GHz-class time-space superconducting computing that supports the era of post Moore's law
    keyword : Superconducting computing
  • A study of limited use architecture using wear out devices
    keyword : Wear out devices, Limited use architecture
  • Controlling PCM life time for a data center
    keyword : data center, memory, phase change memory, memory controller
  • Memory architecture for in-memory computing
    keyword : Computer architecture, System architecture, Memory architecture, DRAM
Academic Activities
1. Koki Ishida, Masamitsu Tanaka, Takatsugu Ono, Koji Inoue, Towards Ultra High-Speed Cryogenic Single-Flux-Quantum Computing, IEICE Transactions on Electronics, Vol.E101-C, No.5, 359-369, 2018.05.
2. Mihiro Sonoyama, Takatsugu Ono, Osamu Muta, Haruichi Kanaya, Koji Inoue, Wireless Spoofing-Attack PreventionUsing Radio-Propagation Characteristics, IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, 502-510, 2017.11.
3. Teruo Tanimoto, 小野 貴継, 井上 弘士, Hiroshi Sasaki, Enhanced Dependence Graph Model for Critical Path Analysis on Modern Out-of-Order Processors, IEEE Computer Architecture Letters, PP, 99, 1-1, 2017.03.
4. Takatsugu Ono, Yotaro Konishi, Teruo Tanimoto, Noboru Iwamatsu, Takashi Miyoshi, Jun Tanaka, A Flexible Direct Attached Storage for a Data Intensive Application, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, E98-D, 12, 2168-2177, 2015.12.
5. Takatsugu Ono, Inoue Koji, Kazuaki Murakami, Kenji Yoshida, Reducing On-Chip DRAM Energy via Data Transfer Size Optimization, IEICE Transactions on Electronics, E92-C, 4, 433-443, 2009.04.
1. Takatsugu Ono, Yotaro Konishi, Teruo Tanimoto, Noboru Iwamatsu, Takashi Miyoshi, Jun Tanaka, FlexDAS: A Flexible Direct Attached Storage for I/O Intensive Applications, IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2014.10.
2. Takatsugu Ono, Inoue Koji, Kazuaki Murakami, Adaptive cache-line size management on 3D integrated microprocessors, 2009 International SoC Design Conference, ISOCC 2009, 2009.12, The memory bandwidth can dramatically be improved by means of stacking the main memory (DRAM) on processor cores and connecting them by wide on-chip buses composed of through silicon vias (TSVs). The 3D stacking makes it possible to reduce the cache miss penalty because large amount of data can be transferred from the main memory to the cache at a time. If a large cache line size is employed, we can expect the effect of prefetching. However, it might worsen the system performance if programs do not have enough spatial localities of memory references. To solve this problem, we introduce software-controllable variable line-size cache scheme. In this paper, we apply it to an L1 data cache with 3D stacked DRAM organization. In our evaluation, it is observed that our approach reduces the L1 data cache and stacked DRAM energy consumption up to 75%, compared to a conventional cache..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Information Processing Society of Japan
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers