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Saori Sasaki Last modified date:2024.03.27

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. Eng.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Biomechanics, gel
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Elution behavior of non-crosslinked-polymer from physically cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) gel
    keyword : poly(vinyl alcohol), physically cross-linked gel, elution
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of soft-domain-directed movement of cells induced by micro-topography of substrate surfaces
    keyword : Cell Migration, Substrate Properties, Microconvex Structure
  • Biomimetic function of biocompatible polymer gel
    keyword : Hydrogel Biomaterial
Academic Activities
1. Saori Sasaki, Satoru Kidoaki, Precise design of microwrinkles through the independent regulation of elasticity on the surface and in the bulk of soft hydrogels, Polymer Journal, 10.1038/s41428-019-0299-8, 52, 5, 515-522, 2020.05.
2. Kei Sugihara, Saori Sasaki, Akiyoshi Uemura, Satoru Kidoaki, Takashi Miura, Mechanisms of endothelial cell coverage by pericytes computational modelling of cell wrapping and in vitro experiments, Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 10.1098/rsif.2019.0739, 17, 162, 2020.01.
3. Saori Sasaki, Seido Yarimitsu, Teruo Murakami, Atsushi Suzuki, Kobunshi Ronbunshu, Effect of Drying on the Frictional Properties of PVA Cast Gel, KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU, 10.1295/koron.2015-0036er, 73, 2, 2016.03.
4. Saori Sasaki, Atsushi Suzuki, Factors influencing the swelling and elution properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) cast gels, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 10.1002/pat.3643, 27, 3, 318-324, 2016.03.
5. S. Yarimitsu, S. Sasaki, T. Murakami, A. Suzuki, Evaluation of lubrication properties of hydrogel artificial cartilage materials for joint prosthesis, Biosurface and Biotribology, 10.1016/j.bsbt.2016.02.005, 2, 1, 40-47, 2016.03.
6. S. Sasaki, T. Murakami, A. Suzuki, Frictional properties of physically cross-linked PVA hydrogels as artificial cartilage, Biosurface and Biotribology, 10.1016/j.bsbt.2016.02.002, 2, 1, 11-17, 2016.03.
7. Saori Sasaki, Atsushi Suzuki, A Novel Method to Control the Elution Behavior of PVA Cast Gels, Macromolecular Symposia, 10.1002/masy.201500058, 358, 1, 170-175, 2015.12.
8. Atsushi Suzuki, Saori Sasaki, Swelling and mechanical properties of physically crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 10.1177/0954411915615469, 229, 12, 828-844, 2015.12.
9. Saori Sasaki, Seido Yarimitsu, Teruo Murakami, Atsushi Suzuki, Effect of drying on the frictional properties of PVA cast gel, KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU, 10.1295/koron.2015-0036, 72, 12, 760-764, 2015.01.
10. Saori Sasaki, Atsushi Suzuki, Change in molecular weight distribution by elution of polymers from PVA cast gel, Polymer Bulletin, 10.1007/s00289-014-1196-0, 71, 9, 2383-2394, 2014.01.
11. Saori Sasaki, Atsushi Suzuki, Effects of repeated water exchange and the molecular-weight distribution of PVA cast gels on the elution of polymers, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 10.1016/j.reactfunctpolym.2013.01.010, 73, 7, 878-884, 2013.02.
12. Saori Sasaki, Emiko Otsuka, Yumiko Hirashima, Atsushi Suzuki, Elution of polymers from poly(vinyl alcohol) cast gels with different degrees of polymerization and hydrolysis, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 10.1002/app.36919, 126, SUPPL. 2, 2012.11.
13. Emiko Otsuka, Saori Sasaki, Kenta Koizumi, Yumiko Hirashima, Atsushi Suzuki, Elution of polymers from physically cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) gels, Soft Matter, 10.1039/c0sm00757a, 6, 24, 6155-6159, 2010.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Biorhelogy
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • The Society of Polymer Science, Japan