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YANFANG ZHANG Last modified date:2020.07.17

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Phd. design
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
universal design , social design
Research Interests
  • Universal design of public facilities
    keyword : Universal design
  • SDGs Design School
    keyword : SDGs,Design, Education
Academic Activities
1. Yanfang ZHANG, Diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity through collaborative design workshop for local issues (case study) , International conference on healthcare, SDGs and social business, 2019.11, This paper introduces the use of a collaborative design workshop for resolving local community-based issues as part of an initiative for boosting diversity, sustainability and inclusivity at a city level. All projects are not only approached from an inclusive point of view in order to raise citizen participation but also to provide real (technically and economically feasible) solutions to diverse problematics. The structure, methodology, and tactical issues of how to develop a successful workshop are briefly presented and their outcome discussed..
2. Toshimitsu Sadamura , Yanfang Zhang, A Study of Bank Design Considering Emotional Elements - Case Study: Fukuoka Bank in Japan –, international association of societies of design research, 4423-4434, international association of societies of design research, Korea P4423〜4434, 2009.10, The goal of this study is to consider aspects of both emotion and usability for designing a pleasurable bank space and environment for as many people as possible..
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1. 張彦芳, Case study of Universal design in Children hospitals, 2016 Symposium on Inclusive Design &Industrial Engineering Association Spring Forum, 2016.04, Through 2 case studies of universal design for the children hospitals, explain the total design method which include environment design, sign design, illumination design..