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BIAO LIU Last modified date:2023.11.24

Associate Professor / International Culture
Department of Multicultural Society
Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Graduate School

 Reseacher Profiling Tool Kyushu University Pure
Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
Field of Specialization
Theoretical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Linguistic
Research Interests
  • Development of Chinese pronunciation teaching materials to improve perceptual and production skills
    keyword : Input, output, pronunciation materials, perceptual training
  • Development of Chinese pronunciation teaching materials with enhanced input and output for Japanese native speaker
    keyword : input, output, pronunciation teaching materials, perceptual training
  • A Cognitive Study of Chinese Classifiers
    keyword : Classifiers, Necessary Conditions, Typical Conditions
  • Acquisition of Mandarin Function Words by Japanese Learners
    keyword : function words, teaching methods, educational grammar
  • Interlanguage Corpus of Chinese Learners for Developing the Teaching Materials
    keyword : interlanguage, transfer, corpus, genre
  • Japanese and Chinese Anaphoric Demonstratives in Discourse
    keyword : anaphoric demonstratives, discourse modes, discourse structure, Discourse Model Theory
Academic Activities
Other Educational Activities
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