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SUNGJUN YOO Last modified date:2024.04.17

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Academic Degree
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Yes Bachelor Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
Indoor Environmental Engineering
Research Interests
  • Development of HVAC control method using comprehensive computer simulated person(CSP) as a sensor
    keyword : CSP, CFD, Indoor Environmental Quality, Health Risk Assessment
  • Development of comprehensive computer simulated person(CSP) for estimation of indoor environmental quality
    keyword : Indoor environmental quality assessment, Indoor air quality, Indoor thermal environment, Computer simulated person
Academic Activities
1. Sung-jun Yoo, Shori Yamauchi, Hyun-Gyu Park, Kazuhide Ito, Computational Fluid and Particle Dynamics Analyses for Prediction of Airborne Infection/Spread Risks in Highway Buses: A Parametric Study, Fluids, 2023.09.
2. Sung-Jun Yoo, Akira Kurokawa, Kazuhiko Matsunaga, Kazuhide Ito, Spatial distributions of airborne transmission risk on commuter buses: Numerical case study using computational fluid and particle dynamics with computer-simulated persons, Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow, 2023.02.
3. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Validation, verification, and quality control of computational fluid dynamics analysis for indoor environments using a computer-simulated person with respiratory tract, Japan Architectural Review, 2022.10.
4. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Multi-stage optimization of local environmental quality by comprehensive computer simulated person as a sensor for HVAC control, Advances in Building Energy Research, 2019.03.
5. Sung-Jun Yoo and Kazuhide Ito, Multi-stage optimization of local environmental quality by comprehensive computer simulated person, ICEERB 2018, 2018.11.
6. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Assessment of transient inhalation exposure using in silico human model integrated with PBPK-CFD hybrid analysis, Sustainable Cities and Society,, 40, 317-325, 2018.07.
7. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Quantitative risk assessment of transient inhalation exposure using PBPK-CFD hybrid model with computer simulated person, COBEE 2018, 2018.02.
8. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Transient analysis of inhalation exposure by using computer simulated person integrated with PBPK-CFD hybrid model, Healthy Buildings 2017 Asia, 2017.09.
9. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Numerical Prediction of Tissue Dosimetry in Respiratory Tract using Computer Simulated Person integrated with PBPK-CFD Hybrid Analysis, Indoor and Built Environment, 2017.02.
10. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, PBPK-CSP-CFD Hybrid Analysis for Estimating Indoor Air Quality and Airway Tissue Dosimetry, IAQVEC 2016, 2016.10.
11. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Numerical Prediction of Airway Tissue Dosimetry using PBPK-CFD Hybrid Model integrated into Computer Simulated Person, Indoor Air 2016, 2016.07.
12. Sung-Jun Yoo, Toshiki Matsuo, Nguyen Lu Phuong, Kazuhide Ito, Development of Computer Simulated Person with Numerical Airway model, Part 2 Improved Thermo-Regulation Model with Heat and Moisture Transfer Detail Analysis in Respiratory Tract, Indoor Air 2014, 2014.07.