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Kosuke Minamihata Last modified date:2021.10.21

Assistant Professor / Goto Kamiya laboratory
Department of Applied Chemistry
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
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Goto & Kamiya Lab .
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Field of Specialization
Protein engineering, Enzyme engineering, Bioengineering, Protein crystal engineering.
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Outline Activities
Supervised graduate researches of 5 students in the University of Tokyo (2013-2016).
Teaching undergraduate students and graduate students through research activities in lab.
Two classes in graduate course@Kyushu University
Supervising research of 1 graduate student in laboratory.
Educating students in laboratory through seminars and everyday life in laboratory.

・Protein engineering, enzyme engineering:
Based on the original protein polymerization technique catalyzed by horseradish peroxidase(HRP), I have been creating "protein polymers" which are polymer of protein molecules cross-linked site-specifically. The protein polymers exhibit unique properties such as enhancement of affinity due to strong avidity effect, co-catalytic activity, and enhancement of immunogenicity. Now I'm interested in development of efficient vaccine candidate through protein polymerization, which might have possibility to reduce the use of adjuvant.

・Protein crystal engineering
Engineered streptavidins (SAs) possessing positively or negatively charged peptide tags can self-assemble each other by electrostatic interaction and form co-crystals in a few hours. Utilizing this unique phenomena, I'm creating various nanomaterial-SA hybrid crystals, for example, hybrid crystal of SA with oligo DNA, dendrimer, and peptides. Such protein crystals have potential to become platform materials to immobilize various functional molecules with nanoscale level regularity and accuracy, and also can be utilized as reaction vessels.

・Functional hydrogels
By utilizing the protein polymerization technique, I'm interested in making functional hydrogel composed of proteins and synthetic polymers. Those functional hydrogels can be applied to DDS, culturing substrate and also separations.
Research Interests
  • ・Creation and application of protein polymer made by peptide tag and enzymatic reaction.

    ・Creation of novel functional protein molecules by utilizing genetic engineering and also post-translational modifications.

    ・Functional biohydrogel composed of proteins and synthetic polymers.

    ・Protein crystallization method using peptide tag mediated various interactions and creation of functional protein crystals.
    keyword : Protein, Enzyme, Polymer, Hydrogel, Self-assembly, Crystal
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Enzyme Engineering
  • The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
  • The Society of Chemical Engineering, JAPAN
  • One step immobilization method of enzymes using redox enzymes.
  • Photosensitizer and polycationic peptide-labeled streptavidin as a nano-carrier for light-controlled protein transduction
  • Creation and application of protein polymer using enzymatic reaction of peroxidase
Educational Activities
@The University of Tokyo(June 2013~March 2016)
・Seminar of life science(omnibus style): "Antibody and immunity","Structure and function of protein".
・Experiment of Biotechnology
・Teaching both undergraduate and graduate students(5 students in total) in laboratory.

@Kyushu University
・Supervising 1 graduate students(master course)'s graduation research in laboratory.
・Educating students in laboratory through seminars and everyday life in laboratory.