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Yuichiro Nagatsu Last modified date:2021.03.02

Assistant Professor / Sound Culture and Art Management
Department of Communication Design Science
Faculty of Design

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Arts Management, Arts and Social Inclusion
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Outline Activities
His research is based on arts management, cultural policy studies, and the sociology of the arts, focusing on the arts activities of people with diverse backgrounds, including people with disabilities. In recent years, he has been deepening his consideration of the role of arts and culture in the field of human resource development for arts activities and inclusive arts workshops. He is the author of The Disabled on Stage: Expressions Born from Boundaries (Kyushu University Press, 2018). He is a director of the Japan Society for Cultural Policy, a member of the steering committee of the Japan Association of Art Management.
Research Interests
  • art and social inclusion
    keyword : art, disability, welfare, social inclusion
Academic Activities
1. Radio as a Medium for Empathy Based Inter-Regional Community Development : An Action Research Approach.
Works, Software and Database
1. .
1. Circulating Fields of Co-creation: Case Study of Minority/Majority Film Screenings.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society for Educational Technology
  • Society for Cocreationology
  • Japan Association for Cultural Economics
  • Japan Association for Arts Management
  • The Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research
  • Japan Association for the Study of Social Welfare