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Kei Hirose Last modified date:2024.05.05

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Functional Mathematics
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Field of Specialization
Statistical Science, Machine Learning
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Outline Activities
We are developing practical methods for multivariate analysis that takes the covariance structures into consideration, such as factor analysis, structural equation modeling, graphical models, and canonical discriminant analysis. Specifically, we propose a new method based on structural regularization and clustering based on prediction, develop several numerical algorithms that efficiently compute the estimate of the parameter, and investigate theoretical properties of the estimated parameters. Most of the proposed methods are available for use in the R packages. Also, I have been working on applied statistics, such as electricity demand forecasting and material properties prediction.
Research Interests
  • Research and development of big data analysis methods for the breakthrough of multi-scale structures
    keyword : adhesion, multi-scale analysis
  • Forecast of energy consumption
    keyword : Forecast of energy consumption
  • Sparse multivariate analysis
    keyword : Sparse estimation, factor anlaysis
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
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  • The following paper

    「Kei Hirose, Yukihiro Ogura and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Estimating scale-free networks via the exponentiation of minimax concave penalty. Journal of the Japanese Society of Computational Statistics. 28 (1), pp.139-154, 2015」

    and several other papers related to sparse multivariate anlaysis.
Educational Activities
I am in charge of Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Mathematics, and Joint Graduate School of Mathematics for Innovation. Educational activities are conducted through lectures and seminars.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Through joint research with companies and participation in FMfI and SGW, I have developed several statistical methods that can be used for real problems. I have accomplished the social implementation of COI project..