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Hiroshi Ikeda Last modified date:2020.06.29

Associate Professor / Department of Psychology / Department of Human Sciences / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Ikeda, H., Yamagucchi, H., & Nawara, K., Effect of gratitude on organizational competency: Management induced gratitude with a ripple effect, 9th Annual Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Conference, 2020.01.
2. Ikeda, H., Akiho, R., Fujita, T., Goto, M., Kanayama, M., Safety work motivation: Construction, measure, and relationship with leadership., World Social Science Forum 2018, 2018.09, Organizations’ demand for safety has always been of critical importance; employees must carry out their job in a safe manner in order to avoid errors, failures, or incidents. However, little empirical research has been done to examine safety work motivation as an antecedent for employees’ safety behaviors. The purpose of this study was to develop a scale measuring safety work motivation in medical and health organizations in Japan. Items of safety work motivation were developed based on Neal and Griffin’s (2006) work on a prior scale, and three dimensions (directivity, persistence, and strength) were included in work motivation. Surveys comprising the safety work motivation scale were then administered to 558 Japanese nurses. An exploratory factor analysis revealed five factors: accomplishment, competition, cooperation, learning, and newly safety-oriented motivation. This result suggests that safety-oriented motivation is an independent type of work motivation from achievement-oriented motivation. Furthermore, leadership behaviors such as “arousing attention” had a positive relationship with nurses’ safety work motivation. An important implication of these findings is that organizations that demand safety should encourage work motivation based not on achievement but on the promotion of safety behavior..
3. Ikeda, H., How dose subordinates follow their managers? The effect of leader humility and follower work engagement., The 18th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017.05.
4. Ikeda, H., Servant Leadership and Job Performance: The interactive effects of shared experiences of success and failure., The 17th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2015.05.
5. Ikeda, H., Effect of Gratitude on Job Performance in Japanese Organizations , The 31st International Congress of Psychology, 2016.07.
6. Furukawa, H., & Ikeda, H., The Implementation of Creative Ideas in Work Organizations : Overcoming “Innovation Paradox”. , The 14st European Congress of Psychology, 2015.07.
7. Ariyoshi, M., Nawata, K., Ikeda, H., & Yamaguchi, H., A Study on Work Motivation of Call Center Operators, The 31st International Congress of Psychology, 2016.07.