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Shinagawa Kazunari Last modified date:2021.09.13

Professor / Manufacturing Processes
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
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Field of Specialization
Material Processing
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Research Interests
  • Materials database for sintering simulation
    keyword : Sintering stress
  • Analysis of alloying process in blended elemental powders
    keyword : Sintering, alloy
  • A coupled PFM/DEM approach for analyzing factors affecting dimension accuracy of microscale sintered components
    keyword : Discrete-Element Method, Phase-Field Method
  • Sintered and Melted-Resolidified Structures of Laser-Irradiated Metal Powder
    keyword : Sintering, Selective laser melting
  • Orientation Behavior of Plate-Like Ceramic Particles by Differential Speed Powder Rolling
    keyword : Powder Rolling,Plate-Like Particles
  • Coupled analysis of heat transfer and sintering behavior in ceramic plates
    keyword : Sintering, FEM
Academic Activities
1. K. Shinagawa, K. Kudo, Analysis of orientation behavior of plate-like particles in differential speed powder rolling, The 13th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity, 2021.07.
2. K. Shinagawa, A Combined Multi-Phase-Field/Discrete-Element Method for Sintering of Blended Elemental Powders, International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials, 2021.06.
3. K. Shinagawa, Mesoscopic Simulation of Sintering Process by PFM/DEM Combined Method, International Symposium on Innovation in Materials Processing, 2019.11.
4. K. Shinagawa, Numerical Simulation of Shrinkage Distortion and Microstructural Evolution of Powder Compacts during Sintering, 2018 World Congress on Powder Metallurgy, 2018.09.
5. K. Shinagawa, Analysis of Sintering Behavior of Particle-Arrayed Structures by PFM/DEM Combined Method, 15th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials, 2018.08.
6. K. Shinagawa, Analysis of sintering process and its application to materials development, The International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering: Recent Advances and Challenges, 2018.03.
7. K. Shinagawa, N. Koto, H. Ohnishi, Coupled analysis of heat transfer and sintering behavior in ceramic plates, JSPM International Conference on Powder and Powder Metallurgy ~ 60th Anniversary ~, 2017.11.
8. K. Shinagawa, Q. Feng, Orientation Behavior of Plate-Like Ceramic Particles by Differential Speed Powder Rolling, 6th JSME/ASME 2017 International Conference on Materials and Processing, 2017.06.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The American Ceramic Society
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