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AYA SAKAI Last modified date:2020.06.18

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Intercultural Education
Field of Specialization
Japanese Education, Intercultural Education
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
【Educational Activities】
I have been teaching Japanese language to foreign students and business people, as well as intercultural understanding to both foreign students and Japanese students thus far.
I am interested in helping build good relationships, especially friendships, between foreign students and Japanese students.
My educational interests are as follows:
・casual conversational Japanese language education for university students whose Japanese levels are intermediate
・intercultural activities, such as those that promote intercultural understanding and project work for foreign students and Japanese students
Also I had been working as a career consultant. I have national qualifications as a 2nd level certified skilled professional for career consulting.

【Research Activities】
My research activities are connected with my educational activities.
I always strive to make use of research results in my educational practice.
My current research activities are as follows:
・research on casual conversational Japanese language
・research on career support and self-efficacy
Research Interests
  • Career Choices of International Students using Their Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Japanese Language Teachers’ Career Support
    keyword : career decision-making self-efficacy, career support, Japanese language teacher, training
  • Designing a Casual Conversational Japanese Language Class
    keyword : casual conversational Japanese, materials development, character
Academic Activities
1. Japanese Training Courses(JTCs).
1. Aya SAKAI, Analyzing the Factors that Make Matsunojo(神田松之丞)’s Makura Captivating: Nurturing Imagination and the Possibility of Application to Education, 日本語教育実践研究, 6, 11-27, 2018.11, 本研究は、講談師・神田松之丞のマクラの構造を明らかにする基礎的分析を行うことを目的とした。まず、話題を検討した結果、構成的特徴として「来場への謝辞」「演ずることの表明」、内容的特徴として「他の出演者への言及」「講談と落語の比較」「講談師である自分の価値や評価」が見られた。次に、発話機能を分類した結果、15種類に大別され、【提示情報の言いかえ】【提示情報の補足】【沈黙表現】【行為要求】【行動に対する注釈】に強調効果と梯子外しという強弱二つの使い分けが見られ、観客を惹きつけていることが明らかになった。.
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