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Hara Takeshi Last modified date:2020.03.09

Academic Degree
PhD (Natural Science) from Justus-Liebig Giessen
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Analytical Chemistry
ORCID(Open Researcher and Contributor ID)
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Investigation of column performance produced via sol-gel processing toward high efficiency separation
    keyword : open tubular capillary column, high separation efficiency, sol-gel processing, porous silica layer
  • Study on prapration and examination of monolithic silica capillary LC columns
    keyword : Monolithic silica, capillary, high separation efficiency
  • column development for single cell analysis with LC/MS
    keyword : silica monolith, sol-gel technology, high separation efficiency, nano-LC, column downsizing, singel-cell analysis
Academic Activities
1. T. Hara, Y. Izumi, M. Nakao, K. Hata, G. V. Baron, T. Bamba, G. Desmet, Silica-based hybrid porous layers to enhance the retention and efficiency of open tubular capillary columns with a 5 mum inner diameter, Journal of Chromatography A, 1580, 63-71, 2018.12.
2. T. Hara, S. Futagami, W. De Malsche, G. V. Baron, G. Desmet, Exploring effect of mesopore size reduction on column performance of silica-based porous layered open tube capillary columns, Journal of Chromatography A, 1552, 87-91, 2018.04.
3. T. Hara, S. Futagami, W. De Malsche, S. Eeltink, Terryn G. V. Baron, G. Desmet, Chromatographic Properties of Minimal Aspect Ratio Monolithic Silica Columns, Analytical Chemistry, 89, 10948-10956, 2017.11.
4. T. Hara, S. Futagami, S. Eeltink, W. De Malsche, G. V. Baron, G. Desmet, Very high efficiency porous silica layer open-tubular capillary columns produced via in-column sol-gel processing, Analytical Chemistry, 88, 10158-10166, 2016.11.
5. T. Hara, S. Eeltink, G. Desmet,, Exploring the pressure resistance limits of monolithic silica capillary columns, Journal of Chromatography A, 1446, 164-169, 2016.04.
6. T. Hara, G. Desmet, G. V. Baron, H. Minakuchi, S. Eeltink, Effect of polyethylene glycol on pore structure and separation efficiency of silica-based monolithic capillary columns, Journal of Chromatography A, 1442, 42-52, 2016.03.
7. T. Hara, S. Mascotto, C. Weidmann, B. M. Smarsly, The Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment on Column Performance for Monolithic Silica Capillary Columns, Journal of Chromatography A, 1218, 3624-3635, 2011.04.
8. T. Hara, S. Makino, Y. Watanabe, T. Ikegami, K. Cabrera, B. Smarsly, N. Tanaka, The Performance of Hybrid Monolithic Silica Capillary Columns Prepared by Changing Feed Ratios of Tetramethoxysilane and Methyltrimethoxysilane, Journal of Chromatography A, 1217, 89-98, 2010.12.
9. T. Hara, H. Kobayashi, T. Ikegami, K. Nakanishi, N. Tanaka, Performance of Monolithic Silica Capillary Columns with Increased Phase Ratios and Small-Sized Domains, Analytical Chemistry, 78, 7632-7642, 2006.09.