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Yanagihara Daisuke Last modified date:2024.06.03

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Structural strength of plate structures, Structural strength of ship hull
Outline Activities
Safety assessment of ship structures
Research Interests
  • Buckling/Plastic Collapse Behavior of Ship Structure under Wave Condition Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction analysis
    keyword : Fluid-Structure Interaction analysis, Buckling, Plasticity, Collapse Behavior, Cyclic Load
  • Inverse Estimation of Applied Forces on Ship Structure Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
    keyword : Fluid-Structure Interaction Anlysis, Ship Structure, Sectional Force, Structural Response, Inverse Estimation
  • Internal pressure due to granular cargo in bulk carrier
    keyword : granular cargo, inertia force, structure-particle interaction analysis, distinct element method
  • Liquefaction of granular cargo
    keyword : Granular cargo, Liquefaction, Ship motion, Pore water, Distinct element method
  • Development of simple method to estimate ultimate strength of stiffened panel under bi-axial compression
    keyword : Stiffened panel, Buckling, Ultimate strength, Strength-estimation
  • Structural reliability analysis of ship hull under longitudinal bending
    keyword : Ship hull structure, Ultimate strength under longitudinal bending, Longitudinal bending moment, Reliability analysis
  • Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells under External Load
    keyword : Buckling strength, Ultimate strength, Cylindrical shell, Ring-stiffeners, FE analysis
  • Numerical simulation and strength assessment of GFRP stiffened panel structures considering delaminated damage
    keyword : GFRP stiffened panel, Buckling, Collapse bahavior, Delamination
  • Investigation of collapse behavior of curved stiffened panels under compression and derivation of estimation formula
    keyword : Curved stiffened panel, Buckling, Ultimate strength, Strength-estiamtion
  • Investigation of collapse behavior of steel sandwich panels and applicability to large size merchant ships
    keyword : Steel sandwich panel, Buckling, Ultimate strength, Collapse behavior, Merchant ship,Joint
Academic Activities