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Taniguchi Hisatoshi Last modified date:2023.05.08

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. Informatics
Field of Specialization
Civil Engineering Informatics, Intelligent Informatics
Research Interests
  • Study on generation and utilization technology of 3D model using construction history data of ICT construction machine
    keyword : i-Construction, Civil Engineering Informatics
Academic Activities
1. Kohei KAWANO, Hisatoshi TANIGUCHI, Noriaki AOYAMA, Ryuichi IMAI, Koichi SHIGETAKA, Daisuke YAMAOKA, The Study on the Extended Version of LandXML that Suits Japanese Road Construction, ICCCBE 2016, ASCE, 2016.07.
2. Rei FUJITA, Hisatoshi TANIGUCHI, Noriaki AOYAMA, Koichi SHIGETAKA, Study on the Elaboration Level of CIM Models Aimed to Utilize for Maintenance of Sluice Gates and Sluice Pipes, ICCBEI 2015, AGCEI and JSCE, 2015.04.
3. Hisatoshi TANIGUCHI, Noriaki AOYAMA, Koichi SHIGETAKA, Kenji TSUBOMURA, Hiroaki MORI, Integrated Information Management System using 3D Model for Maintenance of Bridge Construction, ICCBEI 2013, AGCEI and JSCE, 2013.11.
4. Hisatoshi TANIGUCHI, Yoshito NISHITA, Shigenori TANAKA, Yudai KATO, Research for Generating Panoramic Image by Removing Movable Objects, The 2012 International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology,HCMUT, 2013.11.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Information Processing Society of Japan
  • GIS Association of Japan
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineering