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darren wall Last modified date:2022.07.22

Associate Professor / Faculty of Engineering

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Academic Degree
Ph. D. (Maths)
Field of Specialization
Applied Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Fluid Dynamics
Outline Activities
Engaging in research in applied mathematics, particularly in dynamical systems and their application to fluid dynamics. This latter activity is directed towards understanding the transition of shear flows from laminar to turbulent regimes, and understanding the mechanisms that sustain turbulence.

In education I am designing and delivering a number of mathematics courses, from 1st year to the 3rd year of the undergraduate program.

I also am actively engaged in promoting the internationalisation of Kyushu university.
Research Interests
  • 1) In the area of fluid dynamics, investigating the transition of shear flows their associated turbulent mechanisms
    2) Applying elasticity theory to understanding wire fragmentation phenomena
    3) Developing alternating direction implicit methods to solve parabolic partial differential equation systems
    keyword : dynamical systems, bifurcation, turbulence, channel flow, boundary-layer flow, alternating direction implicit methods, spectral methods
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
My educational activities are based around two categories, mathematics education and education designed to promote internationalisation.
Mathematics classes currently taught:
(1st Year) Calculus I,II,III,IV
(2nd Year) Fluid Mechanics II
(3rd Year) Mathematical Engineering
(3rd Year) Aeronautical Engineering I
(3rd Year) Specialised English
(Master's) An introduction to dynamical systems

Internationalisation related courses:
Q2PEC preparation lectures
ELEP preparation lectures

Other activities:
Currently preparing a `world top class university' supplementary
Professional and Outreach Activities
Organiser of the 6th UK-Japan Engineering Education League Workshop
Fukuoka, September 3rd -5th, 2018
(Editor of Conference Proceedings)

Organiser of the 9th UKJEEL workshop
University of Durham (host), September 5th-6th, 2022
Workshop themes:
student track: "Engineering for a Sustainable Society"
faculty track: "Future Postgraduate Education in Science & Engineering".