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SICONG CHEN Last modified date:2023.11.27

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Academic Degree
PhD (Osaka University, Japan), MA (with distinction, University of York, UK), BA (Jinan University, China)
Field of Specialization
citizenship education, education and politics
ORCID(Open Researcher and Contributor ID)
Research Interests
  • Publicness, privateness, and citizenship education in Asian societies
    keyword : Publicness; privateness; citizenship education; Asia
  • Citizenship education and governmentality
    keyword : governmentality, critical psychology, Michel Foucault
  • City and citizenship education: beyond the nation-state
    keyword : urban, cosmopolitan, heterogeneity, participation
  • Citizenship education for social justice in East Asian societies
    keyword : social justice education, school, policy, discourse, practice, comparison
  • Citizenship and citizenship education in Asian contexts: conceptions, understandings, policies, and practices
    keyword : citizenship; citizenship education; East-West
  • Developing global/Asian citizenship: the effect and limit of studying abroad and international joint education
    keyword : global citizenship, Asian citizenship, studying abroad, international joint education
Academic Activities
1. Sicong Chen, The Meaning of Citizenship in Contemporary Chinese Society: An Empirical Study through Western Lens, Singapore: Springer, 10.1007/978-981-10-6323-7, 2018.01.
1. Sicong Chen, Review of Constructing Modern Asian Citizenship edited by Edward Vickers & Krishna Kumar, Compare, 46(5), 854-6, 10.1080/03057925.2016.1156290, 2016.03.
2. Sicong Chen, Review of Citizenship Education in China: Preparing Citizens for the "Chinese Century" edited by Kerry J. Kennedy, Gregory P. Fairbrother and Zhao Zhenzhou, Citizenship Teaching & Learning, 10(2), 223-4, 2015.04.
1. Sicong Chen, From confident subject to humble citizen: reimagining citizenship education in contemporary China, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 10.1080/01596306.2023.2230926, 2023.07.
2. Sicong Chen, The culturalisation of politics in contemporary Chinese citizenship education
当代中国公民教育的政治文化化, Comparative Education, 10.1080/03050068.2023.2209396, 2023.05.
3. Sicong Chen, Educating for social justice in contemporary China: the politics of justice and injustice, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 10.1080/01596306.2021.1885347, 2021.02.
4. Sicong Chen, The official discourse of social justice in citizenship education: A comparison between Japan and China, Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 10.1177/1746197920971811, 2020.12.
5. Sicong Chen, Advancing global citizenship education in Japan and China: An exploration and comparison of the national curricula, Citizenship Teaching & Learning, 10.1386/ctl_00038_1, 15, 3, 341-356, 2020.10, [URL].
6. Sicong Chen, Rethinking citizenship and citizenship education in contemporary China: Discourses and politics, Chinese Education & Society, 10.1080/10611932.2020.1716607, 53, 1-2, 3-13, 2020.03.
7. Sicong Chen, The discrepancy of meaning of citizenship between the state and society in China: implications for citizenship education and its policymaking, Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 10.1177/1746197913497660, 8, 3, 263-275, 2013.09.
8. Sicong Chen, Developing global citizenship: the effect of studying abroad, International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, 3, 3, 45-64, 2011.09.
1. Sicong Chen, Citizenship Education in Contemporary China, Online Forum IV, The 2023 Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education, 2023.11.
2. Sicong Chen, Citizenship and Social Justice Education, Brown Bag Seminar, Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS), Kyushu University, 2023.11.
3. Sicong Chen, APCEIU Session “Nationalism, Global Citizenship, and Education in an Era of Rising Geopolitics”, the UNESCO Chair DCMÉT International Symposium on Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education, 2023.10.
4. Sicong Chen, Citizenship Education for Social Justice in Japan and China: 
Discourse and Politics, EAP Seminar Series, Department of Educational Administration and Policy, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2022.01.
5. Sicong Chen, The Official Discourse of Social Justice in Citizenship Education: A Comparison between Japan and China, World Education Research Association Focal Meeting 10th Anniversary "Future of Democracy and Education: Realizing Equity and Social Justice Worldwide", 2019.08.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for Citizenship Education
  • Japan Citizenship Education Forum
  • Comparative Education Society of Asia (CESA)
Educational Activities
I open courses about citizenship education, politics of education, democratic education, and multicultural education. Among the topics that I am supervising or able to supervise are citizenship (nation-state, emigration/immigration, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, sexuality, minority) and education, global citizenship and education, democracy and education, education for social justice, multiculturalism and education, human rights and education, and politics and education, particularly in East Asian contexts.

I welcome applications for postgraduate study. When you contact me, please explain your research interest, ideally with a research proposal. Please note that I will only respond to quality applications that I might be able to supervise.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2021.10, External examiner of Doctor of Education thesis, The Education University of Hong Kong.