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Alexander Ryota KEELEY Last modified date:2021.07.01

Assistant Professor / Urban and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Field of Specialization
Energy Economics, Urban Engineering
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Research Interests
  • We are conducting empirical research on a wide range of complex problems facing cities, such as energy depletion, environmental pollution, population decline, and disasters, using multifaceted and interdisciplinary approaches including urban engineering and economics.
    keyword : Energy Economics; Urban Engineering; Environmental Economics; Corporate Activity Analysis
Academic Activities
1. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Measuring Environment, Social, Economic Impact of Energy Technologies Considering Supply Chain – A Novel Integrated Assessment Method, MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2021, 2021.06.
2. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Sustainability Modeling: Challenges and Solutions, WORKSHOP ON ADVANCING METHODS FOR MODELING SYSTEMS TO INFORM SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE, 2021.06.
3. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Renewable Energy and Energy Market: Supply Impact and Demand Change, Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series #3 Environmental Economics, 2021.05.
4. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Measuring environmental, social, and governance impacts of DAC-U system: an integrated assessment method, Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series, 2021.01.
5. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, Merit Order Effect: The Impact of Renewable Energy Generation on the Spot Market Price in Germany
, CREST Workshop, Economics-Engineering Modeling for Global and Long-term Issues: Climate Change, Energy and Social Development, 2020.03.
6. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, 新国富指標と持続可能性, 水俣環境アカデミア, 2020.05.
7. キーリーアレクサンダー竜太, The Value of Invisibility: Factors Affecting Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy, 15th CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY WATER AND ENVIRONMENT SYSTEMS , 2020.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Society of Global Business
  • The International Association for Energy Economics
Educational Activities
Research focusing on analysis of financial aspect and economic, environment, social impact of Energy and Environment sector.
Professional and Outreach Activities
As one of the young researchers from Kyushu University, I gave an invited lecture at the first and third symposiums of the "Kyushu-Illinois Strategic Partnership Colloquia Series" with the University of Illinois, with which a strategic partnership was established in August 2019. I was also invited to the workshop "Workshop on advancing methods for modeling systems to inform sustainability science," which was organized by prominent scholars working on sustainability mainly in Europe and the United States, with the aim of establishing an international research project. We were invited to the workshop, "Workshop on advancing methods for modeling systems to inform sustainability science," which was held by prominent scholars who are doing research on sustainability. As a contribution to the society in Japan, I have been continuously giving invited lectures at the Energy Forum organized by Itoshima City, and I am also a member of the Nogata Town Development Promotion Council, which aims to revitalize the town development of Nogata City Translated with (free version).