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Motofumi Kumazoe Last modified date:2023.11.14

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Bioscience Chemical Biology
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Outline Activities
Most of my research focuses on the role of cGMP in the beneficial effects of phytochemicals.
Our group also identified several molecules including Tollip and demonstrated that those signaling pathway-induced by cGMP play crucial role in the resilience of the human body.
Research Interests
  • My research focuses on the role of cGMP in the physiological effects of phytochemicals.
    Our group previously identified several molecules including Tollip and demonstrated that those signaling pathways-induced by cGMP play crucial role in the resilience of the human body. To understand the physiological role of the cGMP in the beneficial effect of several compounds including phytochemicals, we use several disease mouse models including orthotopic tumor implantation model (Osteosarcoma, MPM, Pancreatic cancer, Lung cancer, breast cancer, etc) and other disease models (Obesity, SLE, IBD, ARDS, IgAN, NASH, PAH, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis). Based on our findings, our recent clinical study found that GT-gH (our proposed polyphenols combination based by cGMP induction) suppressed weight gain and BMI increase in human subjects (UMIN000040109 Placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind). My goal is to establish the novel strategy to prevent and treat the difficult diseases.
    keyword : cGMP, Phytochemicals, Chemical biology, Immunology, Oncology
Current and Past Project
  • We have been investigated the signaling pathway of cGMP-elicited beneficial effects.
Academic Activities
1. Motofumi Kumazoe, Yoshinori Fujimura, Hirofumi Tachibana, 67-kDa Laminin Receptor Mediates the Beneficial Effects of Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG, Current Pharmacology Reports,, 2020.01.
1. Motofumi Kumazoe, Yoshinori Fujimura, Ren Yoshitomi, Yu Shimada, Hirofumi Tachibana., Fustin, a Flavanonol, Synergically Potentiates the Anticancer Effect of Green Tea Catechin Epigallocatechin-3-O-Gallate with Activation of the eNOS/cGMP Axis., Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 10.1021/acs.jafc.1c07567, 70, 11, 3458-3466, 2022.03.
2. Motofumi Kumazoe, Kanako Takamatsu, Fuyumi Horie, Ren Yoshitomi, Hiroki Hamagami, Hiroshi Tanaka, Yoshinori Fujimura, Hirofumi Tachibana., Methylated (-)-epigallocatechin 3-O-gallate potentiates the effect of split vaccine accompanied with upregulation of Toll-like receptor 5., Scientific reports, 10.1038/s41598-021-02346-4, 11, 1, 23101-23101, 2021.11.
3. Motofumi Kumazoe, Yasutake Tanaka, Ren Yoshitomi, Yuki Marugame, Kwan-Woo Lee, Hiroaki Onda, Yoshinori Fujimura, Madoka Yonekura, Yasuyo Shimamoto, Hirofumi Tachibana., Glucosyl-hesperidin enhances the cyclic guanosine monophosphate-inducing effect of a green tea polyphenol EGCG., Journal of natural medicines, 10.1007/s11418-021-01538-6, 75, 4, 1037-1042, 2021.09.
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10. Motofumi Kumazoe, Yoshinori Fujimura, Shiori Hidaka, Yoonhee Kim, Kanako Murayama, Mika Takai, Yuhui Huang, Shuya Yamashita, Motoki Murata, Daisuke Miura, Hiroyuki Wariishi, Mari Maeda-Yamamoto, Hirofumi Tachibana., Metabolic Profiling-based Data-mining for an Effective Chemical Combination to Induce Apoptosis of Cancer Cells., SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 10.1038/srep09474, 5, 2015.03.
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