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Masaya Okada Last modified date:2022.07.14

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Informatics)
Field of Specialization
Real-world computing, groupware, CSCL, learning analytics, positional information
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Creation of Real-world Oriented Data science
    keyword : Real-world learning, CSCL, learning analytics, embodied cognitive science, ubiquitous/multimodal/wearable sensing, hybrid analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
Academic Activities
1. Masaya Okada, Yasutaka Kuroki, and Masahiro Tada, Multimodal Analytics to Understand Self-regulation Process of Cognitive and Behavioral Strategies in Real-world Learning, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, E103-D, 5, 1039-1054, 2020.05, 実世界学習における認知・行動に関わる方略を自己調整するプロセスを理解するための,マルチモーダルラーニングアナリティクスを開発し,また,その有効性を示した..