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List of Presentations
Albrecht Ken Last modified date:2023.03.31

Associate Professor / Department of Integrated Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Ken Albrecht, Development of Carbazole Dendronized Doublet Emitters, Maximising the rISC VR Workshop on Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence, 2021.09.
2. Ken Albrecht, Synthesis and Properties of Carbazole Dendronized Radical Emitters, India-Japan Workshop on Biomolecular Electronics and Organic Nanotechnology for Environment Preservation (IJWBME 2020), 2021.12.
3. Jun Watanabe, Masaki Furusawa, Kosuke Nakamoto, Masatoshi Tashima, Keiko Yamaoka, Shigeto Okada, Ken Albrecht, 3,6-Diphenyltetrazine as Cathode for Na-ion Battery, MRM2021 Materials Research Meeting, 2021.12.
4. Masaki Furusawa, Jun Watanabe, Yuchao Sun, Seiko Fujiwara, Keiko Yamaoka, Shigeto Okada, Ken Albrecht, s-Tetrazines as Cathode Active Materials for Na-ion Battery, The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies 2021 , 2021.12.
5. Ken Albrecht, Carbazole Dendrimers: Unique Electronic Structure and Application in Organic Light Emitting Diodes, TUMCS Biogenic Functional Sustainable Polymer Material Scientific Colloquium 2022, 2022.03.
6. Ken Albrecht, Kenichi Matsuoka, Amruth C., Beata Luszczynska, Jacek Ulanski, Katsuhiko Fujita, Kimihisa Yamamoto, Ink-Jet Printable Thermally-Activated Delayed Fluorescence Dendrimers, The 4th IRCCS International Symposium, 2021.03.
7. Ken Albrecht, Head-to-Tail Carbazole Derivatives as Photonic and Electronic Materials, SNU-KYUSHU Joint Symposium, 2020.09.
8. Ken Albrecht, Printable Thermally-Activated Delayed-Fluorescence Dendrimers for OLED applications, The 100th CSJ Annual Meeting Asian International Symposium - Electrochemistry -, 2020.03.