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Fumiyo Ikeda Last modified date:2020.01.21

Graduate School
生体防御医学研究所 医学系学府 炎症制御学分野

Academic Degree
Ph.D., D.D.S.
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Field of Specialization
inflammation, cell death, ubiquitin, autophagy
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Research Interests
  • Ubiquitin (Ub) is a small protein used for posttranslational modification of substrates. Ubiquitination regulates a multitude of biological functions and pathologies, such as inflammation, cancer, cell death, autophagy, proteasome-dependent protein degradation, cell cycle, and protein quality control. The diverse functional consequences of ubiquitination arise from the choice of substrate, the site of modification, the number of Ub molecules added, and the linkage type of conjugated Ub chains. For ubiquitination, E1 Ub activating enzymes, E2 Ub conjugating enzymes and E3 Ub ligases play a key role. In particular, E3 ligases are known to determine the substrate and the ubiquitination site. There are predicted to be more than 600 E3 ligases in humans, but their functions and molecular mechanisms are largely unknown.
    We made major contributions towards our understanding of the role of a novel linkage type of Ub chains, called linear Ub chains. Linear Ub chains are generated by an E3 Ub ligase complex, LUBAC (linear Ub chain assembly complex), and contribute to cell death and inflammatory signaling pathways as well as heat responses. However, there are many important points yet to be elucidated.
    In our new lab at Kyushu Univ, we continue aiming to understand how inflammation and proteostasis are regulated by the ubiquitin system. Given that Ub controls diverse biological functions beyond its role in stress responses, we expect that our results will have broad relevance to human development, health and diseases.
    keyword : inflammation, ubiquitin, cell death, autophagy, cellular signaling, proteostasis
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • The American Society for Cell Biology
Other Educational Activities
  • 2011.11.