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SHUQI WU Last modified date:2022.06.14

Assistant Professor / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
Department of Fundamental Organic Chemistry
Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Science, Master of Science Tsinghua University (China), Bachelor of Science Tsinghua University (China)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Bachelor Master
Field of Specialization
Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
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Research Interests
  • With the trend of miniaturization of electronic devices, molecular materials with multifunctionality are generally regarded as potential candidates for next-generation information technology. Controlling the magnetic and electronic states by external stimuli will play a central role in this aspect. In our study, we design and synthesize molecular crystals with the electronic structures lying at the boundary of different local minima on the potential energy surfaces, aiming at realizing the controllable switching behavior and synergistic electric and magnetic field effects. Currently, the pyroelectric effect from the pure molecular origin (e.g. intramolecular electron transfer) has been observed in polar valence tautomerism crystals. Future work involves the development of light- and field-responsive dynamic polar crystalline materials.
    keyword : Molecular Magnetism; Molecular Pyroelectricity; Magneto-electric Coupling; Electronic Structure
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Teaching the physical concepts in molecular magnetism and theoretical calculations; discussing experimental plans and providing suggestions and comments to students.