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Isayama Shogo Last modified date:2024.04.29

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Academic Degree
Doctor of science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Radio Frequency Plasma, Laser Driven Ion Acceleration, Laboratory space plasma
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • High Power Laser Experiment of Collisionless Shock
    keyword : Laboratory Astrophysics, Collisionless Shock,High-power Laser
  • Controlled injection of relativistic ion in wakefield acceleration
    keyword : Laser Driven Ion Acceleration, Laser Wake-field Acceleration
  • Spatio-Temporal behavior of the high-density helicon plasma produciton
    keyword : Radio-Frequency Plasma, Helicon plasma
Academic Activities
1. Sakai, K., Nishimoto, T., Isayama, S., Matsukiyo, S. & Kuramitsu, Y., Ion-acoustic feature of collective Thomson scattering in non-equilibrium two-stream plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 30, 1, 012105, 2023.01.
2. S. Isayama, K. Takahashi, S. Matsukiyo, T. Sano, Acceleration of Relativistic Particles in Counterpropagating Circularly Polarized Alfvén Waves, The Astrophysical Journal, 10.3847/1538-4357/acbb6d, 946, 68, 2023.03.
3. T. Minami, A. O. Tokiyasu, H. Kohri, Y. Abe K. Iwasaki, T. Taguchi, K. Oda, S. Suzuki, T. Asai, S. J. Tanaka, S. Isayama, M. Kanasaki, S. Kodaira, Y. Fukuda, and Y. Kuramitsu, Mass-resolved ion measurement by particle counting analysis for characterizing relativistic ion beams driven by lasers, Review of Scientific Instruments, 10.1063/5.0101872, 93, 113530, 2022.09.
4. Kuramitsu Y., Minami, T., Hihara T., Sakai K., Nishimoto T., Isayama S., Liao Y. T., Wu K. T., Woon W. Y., Chen S. H., Liu Y. L., He S. M., Su C. Y., Ota M., Egashira S., Morace A., Sakawa Y., Abe Y., Habara H., Kodama R., Döhl L. N. K., Woolsey N., Koenig M., Kumar H. S., Ohnishi N., Kanasaki M., Asai T., Yamauchi T., Oda K., Kondo Ko., Kiriyama H., Fukuda, Y., Robustness of large-area suspended graphene under interaction with intense laser, Scientific Reports, 10.1038/s41598-022-06055-4, 12, 2346, 2022.02.
5. Sakai, K., Isayama, S., Bolouki, N., Habibi, M. S., Liu, Y. L., Hsieh, Y. H., Chu, H. H., Wang, J., Chen, S. H., Morita, T., Tomita, K., Yamazaki, R., Sakawa, Y., Matsukiyo, S. & Kuramitsu, Y., Collective Thomson scattering in non-equilibrium laser produced two-stream plasmas, Physics of Plasmas, 10.1063/5.0011935, 27, 10, 103104, 2020.10.
6. S. Isayama, S. H. Chen2, Y. L. Liu, H. W. Chen and Y. Kuramitsu, Efficient hybrid acceleration scheme for generating 100 MeV protons with tabletop dual-laser pulses, Physics of Plasmas, 10.1063/5.0049725, 28, 073101, 2021.06.
7. Y Kuramitsu, S Matsukiyo, S Isayama, D Harada, T Oyama, R Fujino, Y Sakawa, T Morita, Y Yamaura, T Ishikawa, T Moritaka, T Sano, K Tomita, R Shimoda, Y Sato, K Uchino, A Pelka, R Crowston, N Woolsey, G Gregori, M Koenig, D W Yuan, C L Yin, Y T Li, K Zhang, J Y Zhong, F L Wang, N Ohnishi, K Nagamine, H Yoneda, and H Takabe., Spherical shock in the presence of an external magnetic field., Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 688, 012056, 2016.11.
8. S. Isayama, T. Hada, S. Shinohara and T. Tanikawa, Is the bulk mode conversion important in high density helicon plasma?, Physics of Plasmas, 23, 063513, 2016.06.
9. Y. L. Liu, Y. Kuramitsu, S. Isayama, and S. H. Chen, Radiation pressure injection in laser-wakefield acceleration., Physics of Plasmas, 25, 013110, 2018.01.
10. S. Isayama, S. Shinohara, and T. Hada, Review of Helicon High-Density Plasma: Production Mechanism and Plasma/Wave Characteristics. Plasma and Fusion Research, Plasma and Fusion Research, 13, 1101014, 2018.02.
11. S. Isayama, S. Shinohara, T. Hada, and S. H. Chen, Underlying competition mechanisms in the dynamic profile formation of high-density helicon plasma., Physics of Plasmas, 26, 023517, 2019.02.
12. Y. L. Liu, S. H. Chen, S. Isayama, and Y. Kuramitsu, Nonthermal relativistic electron acceleration due to laser-induced incoherent wakefields with external static magnetic fields., High Energy Density Physics, 31, 64, 2019.03.
13. S. Isayama, S. Shinohara, T. Hada, S. H. Chen, Spatio-temporal behavior of density jumps and the effect of neutral depletion in high-density helicon plasma., Physics of Plasmas, 26, 053504, 2019.04.
14. N. Bolouki, K. Sakai, T. Y. Huang, S. Isayama, Y. L. Liu, C. W. Peng, C. H. Chen, N. Khasanah, H. H. Chu, T. Moritaka, K. Tomita, Y. Sato, K. Uchino, T. Morita, S. Matsukiyo, Y. Hara, H. Shimogawara, Y Sakawa, S. Sakata, S. Kojima, S. Fujioka, Y. Shoji, S. Tomiya, R. Yamazaki, M. Koenig, Y. Kuramitsu, Collective Thomson scattering measurements of electron feature using stimulated Brillouin scattering in laser-produced plasmas, High Energy Density Physics, 32, 82, 2019.07.
1. S. Isayama, S. H. Chen, H. W. Chen, Y. L. Liu, Y. Kuramitsu, Y. Fukuda, Controlled injection of relativistic protons in wakefield by using dual-laser pulses, International Conference on High Energy Density Sciences (HEDS-2021), 2021.04.
2. S. Isayama, S. Shinohara, T. Hada, S. H. Chen., Dynamic profile formation of the helicon discharge, 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2020), 2020.10.
3. S. Isayama, S. H. Chen, Y. Kuramitsu and Y. Fukuda, Ion accelration using self-focusing laser pulse in near critical density plasma, 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2018), 2018.11.
4. S. Isayama, S. H. Chen, H. H. Chu and Y. Kuramitsu, Laser-driven accelration with ultra-thin graphene target, 12th International Conference on High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics, 2018.05.
5. S. Isayama, T. Hada and S. Shinohara, Self-consistent model of the helicon discharge, 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2017), 2017.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Physical Society of Japan
  • Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
  • The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research.