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Yoshihisa Sugimura Last modified date:2022.02.09

Professor / Department of Joint Research on Environment & Disaster in Coastal and Port Areas
Faculty of Engineering

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Field of Specialization
Port policy, Airport policy, International logistics policy, Environmental policy
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Academic Activities
1. Kuwae, T., Watanabe, A., Yoshihara, S., Suehiro, F., Sugimura, Y., Implementation of blue carbon offset crediting for seagrass meadows, macroalgal beds, and macroalgae farming in Japan, Marine Policy, 2022.03.
2. Sugimura, Y., Wakashima, H., Liang, Z., Shibasaki, R., Logistics strategy simulation of second-ranked ports on the basis of Japan’s port reforms: A case study of Hakata Port, Maritime Policy & Management, 2022.01.
3. Sugimura, Y. & Kato, A., Airport concession in Japan: Current status, problems, and future directions, 2021.12.
4. Sugimura, Y. & Murakami, S., Designing a Resilient International Reverse Logistics Network for Material Cycles: A Japanese Case Study, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2021.07.
5. Sugimura, Y., Sega, Y., Katagiri, M. & Nishizono, K., Estimating Landfill Height Considering the Heterogeneous Physical Property of Dredging Soil as Reclamation Material, Advances in Sustainable Construction and Resource Management, 2021.03.
6. Sugimura, Y., Public-private partnerships in Japan's cruise terminal operations, Research in Transportation Business and Management, 2020.11.
7. Asaoka, D.and Sugimura, Y., The effect on performance and return of privatization: A case study of a Japanese rail company, Global Business & Economics Anthology, 1, 16-25, 2019.04.
8. Sugimura, Y. and Murakami, S., Problems in Japan's governance system related to end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment trade, Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 112, 93-106, 2016.04.
1. Yoshihisa Sugimura, Hisayuki Wakashima, Zirui Liang, Ryuichi Shibasaki, Logistics strategy simulation of Hakata Port in the context of Japan’s container port policy, 8th International Conference on Transportation and Logistics, 2020.09.