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BENJAMIN LE OUAY Last modified date:2022.06.15

Assistant Professor / Department of Chemistry / Faculty of Sciences

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3. LE OUAY Benjamin*; MINAMI Ryosuke; OHTANI Ryo; OHBA Masaaki, Catalytic activity of enzymes immobilized with ionic metal-organic cages, Chemical society of Japan, 2022.03.
4. Benjamin LE OUAY*; Haruka YOSHINO; Ryo OHTANI; Masaaki OHBA, Crystalline assembly of cationic metal-organic polyhedra with polyoxometalates, Japanese Society of Coordination Chemistry, 2021.09, [URL].
5. Le Ouay Benjamin, Charge-driven assembly of metal-organic polyhedra with polyoxometalates, Emerging Porous materials, 2021.07, [URL].