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Hiroshi Yamasaki Last modified date:2020.04.23

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Field of Specialization
Biodiversity, Taxonomy
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Research Interests
  • Biodiversity on meiobenthos (taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, morphology etc)
    keyword : Meiofauna, meiobenthos, Scalidophora, Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Loricifera
Academic Activities
1. Yamasaki H., 21. Diversity of Kinorhyncha in Japan and phylogenetic relationships of the phylum. In: Motokawa M., Kajihara H. (eds) Species Diversity of Animals in Japan., Springer Verlag, 10.1007/978-4-431-56432-4_21, 2017.01.
1. Yamasaki H., Neuhaus B. George K.H., Echinoderid mud dragons (Cyclorhagida: Kinorhyncha) from Senghor Seamount (NE Atlantic Ocean) including general discussion of faunistic characters and distribution patterns of seamount kinorhynchs, ZOOLOGISCHER ANZEIGER, 10.1016/j.jcz.2019.05.018, 282, 64-87, 2019.09.
2. Yamasaki H., Dal Zotto M., Investigation of echinoderid kinorhynchs described 90 years ago: redescription of Echinoderes capitatus (Zelinka, 1928) and Echinoderes ferrugineus Zelinka, 1928, ZOOLOGISCHER ANZEIGER, 10.1016/j.jcz.2019.05.013, 282, 189-205, 2019.09.
3. Yamasaki H., Gracilideres mawatarii, a new genus and species of Franciscideridae (Allomalorhagida: Kinorhyncha) - A kinorhynch with thin body cuticle, adapted to the interstitial environment, ZOOLOGISCHER ANZEIGER, 10.1016/j.jcz.2019.05.010, 282, 176-188, 2019.09.
4. Yamasaki H., Grzelak K., Sørensen M.V., Neuhaus B., George K.H., Echinoderes pterus sp n. showing a geographically and bathymetrically wide distribution pattern on seamounts and on the deep-sea floor in the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea (Kinorhyncha, Cyclorhagida), ZOOKEYS, 10.3897/zookeys.771.25534, 771, 15-40, 2018.07.
5. Uozumi R., Yamasaki H., Hirose E., Mangrove forests may serve as stable environments for the meiobenthic Echinoderes komatsui (Kinorhyncha: Cyclorhagida): distribution patterns and population dynamics in a subtropical estuary, MARINE BIOLOGY RESEARCH, 10.1080/17451000.2017.1408916, 14, 3, 321-333, 2018.01.
6. Yamasaki H., Ryuguderes iejimaensis, a new genus and species of Campyloderidae (Xenosomata: Cyclorhagida: Kinorhyncha) from a submarine cave in the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, ZOOLOGISCHER ANZEIGER, 10.1016/j.jcz.2016.02.003, 265, 69-79, 2016.11.
7. Sørensen M.V., Dal Zotto M., Rho H.S., Herranz M., Sánchez N., Pardos F., Yamasaki H., Phylogeny of Kinorhyncha Based on Morphology and Two Molecular Loci, PLOS ONE, 10.1371/journal.pone.0133440, 10, 7, 2015.07.
8. Yamasaki H., Fujimoto S., Miyazaki K., Phylogenetic position of Loricifera inferred from nearly complete 18S and 28S rRNA gene sequences, ZOOLOGICAL LETTERS, 10.1186/s40851-015-0017-0, 1, 2015.06.
9. Yamasaki H., Hiruta S.F., Kajihara H., Dick M.H., Two Kinorhynch Species (Cyclorhagida, Echinoderidae, Echinoderes) Show Different Distribution Patterns Across Tsugaru Strait, Northern Japan, ZOOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 10.2108/zs140011, 31, 7, 421-429, 2014.07.
10. Yamasaki H., Hiruta S.F., Kajihara H., Molecular phylogeny of kinorhynchs, MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION, 10.1016/j.ympev.2013.02.016, 67, 2, 303-310, 2013.05.
1. Yamasaki H., Neuhaus B., George K.H., Investigation of kinorhynchs on seamounts and surrounding area in the Mediterranean Sea, northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Sea, 5th International Scalidophora Workshop, 2019.01.
2. Yamasaki H., Fujimoto S., The current picture of Scalidophorology in Japan –studies on Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, and Loricifera-., The Joint meeting of the 22nd International Congress of Zoology & the 87th meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan, 2016.11.
3. Yamasaki H., Fujimoto S., Miyazaki K., Molecular phylogeny of Loricifera, 4th International Scalidophora Workshop, 2015.09.
4. Yamasaki H., Kinorhynchs from Daidokustu, a submarine cave in Ryukyu Islands, 4th International Scalidophora Workshop, 2015.09.
5. Sørensen M.V., Rho H.S., Dal Zotto M., Herranz M., Yamasaki H., Phylogeny of Kinorhyncha, based on analyses of molecular data, supplemented with information from morphology, 15th International Meiofauna Conference, 2013.07.
6. Yamasaki H., Kinorhynchs in Japanese waters, 15th International Meiofauna Conference, 2013.07.
7. Yamasaki H., Molecular phylogeny of Kinorhyncha, 3rd International Scalidophora Workshop, 2012.08.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Association of Meiobenthologists
  • The Zoological Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology