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Satoshi Abe Last modified date:2023.09.05

Assistant Professor / Social Diversity and Coexistence
Department of Cultural Studies
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

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Yes Doctor
Field of Specialization
Cultural Anthropology
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Academic Activities
1. Satoshi Abe, Tai Wei Lim (eds.), Social Stigma and the Pandemic: Key Challenges and Responses Across Greater Asia , World Scientific Publishing Co., 2023.12.
1. Satoshi Abe, A Culture of Mourning in Iran During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Funeral Rituals, Emotions, and Stigma, Social Stigma and the Pandemic: Key Challenges and Responses Across Greater Asia , 2023.12.
2. Satoshi Abe, COVID-19 and Iran: Investigating the Interconnection of Modern Science and Islam, Crafting an Asian Future in the Post-COVID-19 Asia,, 97-115, 2022.11.
3. Saeed Rezaei, Satoshi Abe, Afsaneh Farhang, Values and Identities in Iranian Primary School Social Studies Textbooks: A Discursive Approach, Journal of Beliefs & Values,, 43, 4, 396-413, 2021.10.
4. Satoshi Abe, Pursuing Moral Dimensions of the Environment: A Study of Islamic Tradition in Contemporary Iran, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 10.1558/jsrnc.36397, 15, 2, 151-176, 2021.08.
1. Satoshi Abe, Public Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran: Tensions, Ambiguity, and Commensurability in the Field , East Asian Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2023.07.
2. Satoshi Abe, Making Sense of Public Hygiene: Understanding and Attitudes of Religious Leaders in Iran during the COVID-19 Pandemic, East Asian Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2022.08.
3. Satoshi Abe, Iran’s Environment: From an Anthropological Perspective, TIPSS (Today in International Politics: Speaker Series) Summit, 2022.04.
4. Satoshi Abe, Stigma and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran: Culture of Mourning and New Platforms of Religious Rituals, International seminar: Social Stigma and the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2022.02.
5. Satoshi Abe, COVID-19 and Iran: Investigating the Shifting Terrain of Modern Science and Islam (Panel Session: Crafting a Global Future in the Post-COVID-19 World) , International Convention of Asia Scholars, 2021.08.
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12. Satoshi Abe, Iranian Environmentalism and Nationhood: Materiality of Objects on an Alternative Nature, American Anthropological Association, 2012.11.
13. Satoshi Abe, Dialogic Conceptions of Nature in Iran: Science, Environmentalism, and the Nation, American Anthropological Association, 2011.11.
14. Satoshi Abe, Environmental Awareness in Iran, Middle East PhD Students International Conference at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), 2011.05.