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Kana MATSUEDA Last modified date:2023.11.13

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Comparative Literature, Literature
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How did modern and contemporary Japanese literary figures have understood foreign countries and regions other than Japan? What kind of representations and discussions of such foreign perceptions were presented in their novels, poems, plays, critiques, essays, and other writings? Whether such foreign perceptions have influenced their views of society and culture at home and abroad? I have been studying Russia and the Soviet Union mainly from the perspective of these questions.
Specifically, I have been studying the reception and understanding of Russian and the former Soviet Union literature, culture and their affairs by literary figures of the Meiji and Taisho periods, especially Futabatei Shimei, Uchida Roan, and Oba Kako, but I am now expanding my research to include other literary figures of the Meiji and Taisho periods as well as those of the Showa and later periods. I am interested in the relationship between literature and society, literature and mass media, and literature and art.

Field of Specialization: Modern Japanese Literature, Comparative Literature
Research Keywords: Modern Japanese Literature, Comparative Literature, Comparative Culture, Russo-Japanese Cultural Exchange
Research Interest: Understanding and Reception of foreign literature, culture and affairs by Literary figures, Representation of foreign countries and regions in Literary Works, Literature and Media, Literature in Society

To those who wish to enter our graduate school,
I have received e-mails from people who wish to become research students, but in principle I am not currently accepting any new research students.
I also do not respond to such inquiries individually.
If you wish to enter our graduate school and conduct research under my supervision, please apply directly to the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University.
Research Interests
  • This study empirically analyzes the perceptions and representations of Russia and the Soviet Union expressed in various works of modern and contemporary Japanese literature from the perspective of comparative literature and cultural history. One of the unique features of this study is that it focuses not only on novels and poems, but also on critiques and essays on Russia and the Soviet Union published in newspapers, magazines, and books. By writing novels and poems about events and problems in Russia and the Soviet Union, and by discussing them in the form of critiques and essays, it is thought that literary figures recognized and criticized various problems in Russia and the Soviet Union, Japan-Russia and Japan-Soviet relations, and Japan. In particular, it is expected that their political and cultural aspirations toward Russia and the Soviet Union, their expectations for the prospects of Russo-Japanese relations, and their critical attitude toward the political and social situation in Japan during the same period will be clarified. Against the backdrop of the bilateral political, social, and cultural relations between Japan and Russia as well as between Japan and the Soviet Union, the activities of literary figures who represented and discussed Russia and the Soviet Union across literary, journalistic, and publishing circles will be comprehensively examined.
    keyword : Modern Japanese Literature, Comparative Literature, Russo-Japanese Cultural Exchanges, Literature in Society, Literature and Media
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Assosiation for Asian Studies (AAS)
  • European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
  • Association of Modern Japanese Literary Studies
  • The 1st Young Scientist Award for Publication from University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
As a member of Faculty Social and Cultural Studies, Kana MATSUEDA is teaching several courses on Modern Japanese Literature and Comparative Literature conducted in Japanese and English. She is also an instructor of the KIKAN Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning of Social Issues for undergraduate students.