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Teruki Nii Last modified date:2022.11.07

Assistant Professor / Laboratory of functional organization chemistry
Department of Applied Chemistry
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Regenerative medicine, Tissue Engineering, DDS, Biomaterials
Research Interests
  • Novel therapy using engineered cells as a drug
    keyword : DDS
  • Drug development using gelatin that can be eaten
    keyword : DDS
Academic Activities
1. Teruki Nii, Shunsuke Takizawa, Tomomi Akita, Chikamasa Yamashita, Issei Takeuchi, and Kimiko Makino, A Mouse Model for Tuberculosis Combined With Inhalable Imiquimod-PLGA Nanocomposite Particles Based on Macrophage Phenotype, in vivo, 36, 5, 2166-2172, 2022.09.
2. Teruki Nii, Kanji Yoshikawa, Issei Takeuchi, and Kimiko Makino, Preparation of Micelles Encapsulating Doxorubicin and Their Anticancer Effect in Combination With Tranilast in 3D Spheroids and In Vivo, Anticancer Research, 42, 6, 2847-2857, 2022.06.
3. Teruki Nii and Yasuhiko Tabata, Immunosuppressive mesenchymal stem cells aggregates incorporating hydrogel microspheres promote an in vitro invasion of cancer cells, Regenerative Therapy, 18, 516-522, 2021.12.
4. Teruki Nii, Strategies Using Gelatin Microparticles for Regenerative Therapy and Drug Screening Applications, Molecules, 26, 22, 6795 1-10, 2021.11.
5. Teruki Nii and Yoshiki Katayama, Biomaterial-Assisted Regenerative Medicine, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22, 16, 8657 1-18, 2021.08.
6. Teruki Nii, Toshie Kuwahara, Kimiko Makino, and Yasuhiko Tabata, A Co-Culture System of Three-Dimensional Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Three-Dimensional Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Combined with Biomolecule Release for Cancer Cell Migration, Tissue Engineering Part A, 26, 23-24, 1272-1282, 2020.12.
7. Teruki Nii, Kimiko Makino, and Yasuhiko Tabata, Three-Dimensional Culture System of Cancer Cells Combined with Biomaterials for Drug Screening, Cancers, 12, 10, 2754 1-24, 2020.10.
8. Teruki Nii, Kimiko Makino, and Yasuhiko Tabata, A cancer invasion model of cancer-associated fibroblasts aggregates combined with TGF-β1 release system, Regenerative Therapy, 14, 196-204, 2020.06.
9. Teruki Nii, Kimiko Makino, and Yasuhiko Tabata, A Cancer Invasion Model Combined with Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Aggregates Incorporating Gelatin Hydrogel Microspheres Containing a p53 Inhibitor, Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 25, 12, 711-720, 2019.12.
10. Teruki Nii, Kimiko Makino, and Yasuhiko Tabata, Influence of shaking culture on the biological functions of cell aggregates incorporating gelatin hydrogel microspheres, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 128, 5, 606-612, 2019.11.