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XIAOLIN ZHANG Last modified date:2023.11.27

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Yes Doctor
Field of Specialization
Equatorial Dynamics, Global Water Cycle and Indian Ocean Variability
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
During the FY2022 (Apr 2022 - Mar 2023), in term of research activities, I mainly focused on exploring the Indian Ocean variability, tropical Pacific dynamics and barrier layer formation. Four research papers have been published on international journals, one research paper is under reviewing, another three manuscripts are in preparation. I have also collaborated with researcher from Ocean University of China on a research grant and participated a grant sponsored by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. I have also contributed to two article collections that are published by Frontier in Earth Science and Frontier in Climate. Secondly, I gave a few presentations at domestic and international workshops and meeting as well as invited to be editor for a few journals (Frontier in Climate et al.). Lastly, I have been actively involved in education and social activities such as giving guest lectures to elementary school students, providing feedbacks for the students' research from the climate dynamics lab.
Current and Past Project
  • Previous studies have already made significant progress in understanding the ENSO dynamics and ENSO predictions, but some key scientific issue, for instance (i) the role of zonal current in ENSO prediction, (ii) how ENSO prediction has been changed during different decade and the related dynamics. (iii)The role of subtropical in tropical Pacific Ocean dynamics are still unclear. In this proposal, we try to explore the importance of zonal current in ENSO prediction. (ii) the decadal change of ENSO prediction since 1979 and the role of subtropical Pacific in tropical Pacific ocean dynamics. Specifically, in our study, we will try to do the following analysis:
    1. To explore the importance o zonal current in ENSO prediction based on LIM model.
    2. To estimate the decadal change of ENSO prediction since 1979 based on global climate models (CMIP6).
    3. To examine the role of subtropics in tropical Pacific Ocean dynamics. More specifically, how the redistribution of warm water in the tropical-subtropical Pacific Ocean as a response to the wind stress forcing and related dynamics.
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
In terms of educational activities, I mainly provided feedbacks for student research activities in the climate dynamics lab.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2022.10, I mainly provided feedbacks for students research work in the climate dynamics lab during the FY2023..
Professional and Outreach Activities
In the past fiscal year (FY2022), I was mainly involved in a few papers, research grants and article collections that collaborated with researchers from other countries (China, USA, Germany)..