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Yusuke Arima Last modified dateļ¼š2023.11.22

Assistant Professor / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Arima Yusuke,Munakata Jun,Itami Hiromi,Horike Kazuya, Measuring home-related subjective well-being and its impact on overall happiness in life, The 13th Nordic Public Health Conference (NPHC 2022), 2022.07.
2. Arima Yusuke, Manjo Shimahara,Masahumi Hashiguchi,Naoko Yoshinaga, Happiness, tolerance, and population dynamics of 47 prefectures in Japan, the 10th European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP 2022), 2022.07.
3. Yusuke Arima,Ryozo Ooka,Hideki Kikumoto, Typical and Design Weather Year for Building Energy Simulation, ASHRAE Annual Conference, 2017.06.