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Gaku Yokoyama Last modified date:2022.06.01

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Agricultural Meteorology
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Academic Activities
1. Gaku Yokoyama, Daisuke Yasutake, Keisuke Minami, Kensuke Kimura, Atsushi Marui, Wu Yueru, Jiaojiao Feng, Weizhen Wang, Makito Mori, Masaharu Kitano, Evaluation of the physiological significance of leaf wetting by dew as a supplemental water resource in semi-arid crop production, Agricultural Water Management, 10.1016/j.agwat.2021.106964, 255, 106964-106964, 2021.09.
2. Gaku Yokoyama, Daisuke Yasutake, Weizhen Wang, Yueru Wu, Jiaojiao Feng, Leilei Dong, Kensuke Kimura, Atsushi Marui, Tomoyoshi Hirota, Masaharu Kitano, Makito Mori, Limiting factor of dew formation changes seasonally in a semiarid crop field of northwest China, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 10.1016/j.agrformet.2021.108705, 311, 108705-108705, 2021.12.