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Yoshimi Hasegawa Last modified date:2022.06.28

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
ORCID(Open Researcher and Contributor ID)
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Acoustics etc.
    keyword : Acoustics, Human perceptions, Audio-visual interaction, Psychoacoustics, Human speech communication, Soundscape, Environmental noise, Human well-being, Data analysis, Statistics
Academic Activities
1. Hasegawa, Y., Ryherd, E. E., Ryan, C. S., & Darcy-Mahoney, A., Examining the utility of perceptual noise categorization in pediatric and neonatal hospital units, Health Environments Research and Design Journal,, 13, 4, 144 -157, 2020.03.
2. Hasegawa, Y. & Ryherd, E. E., Clustering acoustical measurement data in pediatric hospital units, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,, 148, 265-277, 2020.07.
3. Hasegawa, Y., Lau, S.-K., Audiovisual bimodal and interactive effects for soundscape design of the indoor environments: A systematic review, Sustainability,, 13, 339, 2021.01.
4. Hasegawa, Y., Lau, S.-K., Comprehensive audio-visual environmental effects on residential soundscapes and satisfaction: Partial least square structural equation modeling approach, Landscape and Urban Planning,, 220, 104351, 2022.01.