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Takahiro Yamasaki Last modified date:2023.11.15

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Systems Life Sciences)
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Field of Specialization
Life Science/Molecular biology/Biochemistry
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Outline Activities
Lectures on the regulatory mechanisms of proteins in living organisms to students of the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences. I mainly use budding yeast, Escherichia coli, and archaea as experimental organisms, using for the genetic analyses and the preparation of proteins. The aim of my study, the elucidation of the functions of the proteins in vivo and their regulatory mechanisms by combination of mutagenesis, biolchemical and structural analyses.
Research Interests
  • Elucidation of the reaction mechanisms in glycosyltransferases
    keyword : Biochemistry Structural biology Glycosyltransferase
Academic Activities
1. Takahiro Yamasaki, Daisuke Kohda, Uncoupling the hydrolysis of lipid-linked oligosaccharide from the oligosaccharyl transfer reaction by point mutations in yeast oligosaccharyltransferase, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 10.1074/jbc.ra120.015013, 295, 47, 16072-16085, 2020.11.
2. Takahiro Yamasaki, Daisuke Kohda, A Radioisotope-free Oligosaccharyltransferase Assay Method, BIO-PROTOCOL, 10.21769/bioprotoc.3186, 9, 5, 2019.03.
3. Yuya Taguchi, Takahiro Yamasaki, Marie Ishikawa, Yuki Kawasaki, Ryuji Yukimura, Maki Mitani, Kunio Hirata, Daisuke Kohda, The structure of an archaeal oligosaccharyltransferase provides insight into the strict exclusion of proline from the N-glycosylation sequon, Communications Biology, 10.1038/s42003-021-02473-8, 4, 1, 2021.12.
Educational Activities
To understand the regulation mechanisms of the protein in organisms and the research trends