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Academic Degree
Ph.D degree
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Polymeric biomaterial, Hydrogel, Cell encapsulation
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Earlier in my graduate training, under the supervision of Prof. Kang Moo Huh, I learned how to develop hydrogels for drug delivery and the treatment of degenerative diseases. This experience solidified my intention to pursue a career in biomaterial design. To further this aim, I pursued a Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Tooru Ooya. In this program, I acquired skills in the molecular design of advanced materials, the organic synthesis of biocompatible compounds, and the characterization of biomaterials' physical properties. Additionally, I have three years of experience as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago, working in Prof. Jae-Won Shin’s group. Since joining Dr. Shin’s group, I have been learning new skills to improve mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)-based therapeutics through biomaterial design in the context of tissue regeneration and fibrosis. Currently, at Kyushu University, I am engaged in a study to investigate how a novel biomaterial affects stem cell behavior, particularly regarding morphology and differentiation. The study aims to explore how the intermediate water can be regulated by the biomaterial while maintaining other factors such as elastic modulus and surface topology. This research has potential applications in fields such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery.
Research Interests
  • Tough, self-healable PMEA based hydrogel with enhanced blood-compatibility
    keyword : PMEA, Self-healing, Mechanical properties, Hydrogel
  • Enhancing Blood Compatibility of Chitosan Derivatives, Investigating the Role of Water State
    keyword : Chitosan, Blood compatibility, Water state
  • Developing hydrogels with advanced functionalities for tissue regeneration
    keyword : Hydrogel, Stiffness
  • Developing a new strategy for how novel biomaterials affect single stem cell behavior
    keyword : Single-cell Encapsulation, Water molecule, Poly(2-Methoxyethyl Acrylate)
  • Encapsulate single cell using engineered biomaterial to increase the retention time at target site and improve treatment of fibrosis.
    keyword : Lung fibrosis, Single-cell encapsulation
  • Introduce symmetric breaking micro-environment around single cell and determine how the polarized environment in single-cell level direct stem cell differentiation
    keyword : Stem cell differentiation, Symmetric breaking, Single-cell encapsulation
  • Polyrotaxane-based self-healing hydrogel with high mechanical stiffness excellent biocompatibility
    keyword : Polyrotaxane-based hydrogel, Tough hydrogel, Self-healing hydrogel, Biocompatibility
  • Tuned cell attachments by double-network hydrogels bearing robust and self-healing properties
    keyword : Cell attachment, Double-network hydrogel, Self-healing properties
  • A supramolecular hydrogel based on polyglycerol dendrimer-specific amino group recognition
    keyword : Stimuli responsive polymer, Polyglycerol dendrimer
  • Synthesis and characterization of injectable self-healing hydrogel
    keyword : Injectable hydrogel, Self-healing polymer
  • Synthesis and characterization of in situ crosslinkable glycol chitosan-based thermogels.
    keyword : Dual crosslinkable polymer, Michael type addition reaction, Thermogelling polymer
  • Synthesis and evaluation of mucoadhesive thermo-gelling polymers.
    keyword : Mucoadhesive polymer, Thermogelling polymer, Thiolated polymers
  • Preparation and evaluation of ocular drug delivery system using thermo-sensitive hexanoyl glycol chitosan.
    keyword : Ocular delivery, Thermogelling polymer, Drug delivery
  • Preparation of photo-crosslinkable glycol chitosan-based thermogels
    keyword : Photo-crosslinkable hydrogel, Thermogelling polymer
  • Synthesis and characterization of hexanoyl glycol chitosan as a thermogelling polymer.
    keyword : Hydrogel, Thermogelling polymer, Glycol chitosan
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
I have been guiding our lab members in their research and experimental activities, teaching them how to set up experiments and present their work effectively. As many of them are undertaking these activities for the first time, I start with the fundamentals. This includes how to locate relevant papers, develop ideas, engage in brainstorming, execute experiments, and analyze data. Problem-solving is also a critical skill; when students encounter issues, I teach them strategies for finding solutions. Additionally, understanding prior research is essential, so I instruct students on how to find previous studies and papers. This approach not only helps them tackle current problems but also lays the groundwork for advancing our research.
Professional and Outreach Activities
My academic journey, spanning Korea, Japan, and the United States, has afforded me a unique perspective in fostering social contributions and international collaborations. In this essay, I'll detail how my educational and research experiences across these diverse cultures have deepened my understanding of social dynamics, broadened my global outlook, and equipped me with the skills necessary for significant contributions to social and international projects. Throughout my journey, I've built a vast network of colleagues, mentors, and collaborators in these countries, creating a wealth of opportunities for partnerships aimed at addressing societal challenges. By leveraging these connections, I am able to unite experts from various fields, institutions, and nations to tackle complex issues. The varied perspectives and expertise in my network encourage cross-cultural exchanges, share best practices, and foster the development of innovative solutions, amplifying our collective impact..