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Melanie Augusta Chilion Sarantou Last modified date:2023.09.07

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My interests lie in the role of improvisation in arts and design practices when the unsuspected emerges and surprises the researcher. I explore how the haptic and tactile qualities of arts and narrative practices can sustain marginalized communities. mitigating societal challenges while my PhD holistically mapped Namibian craft and design through a postcolonial lens. .
Academic Degree
PhD (Visual Art), University of South Australia, MBA (Marketing), Australian Institute of Business, MTech (Fashion Design), Tshwane University of Technology
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
Social Design, Fashion Design, Arts-Based Research
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Outline Activities
Professor of Social Design
International Liaison, Centre for Designed Futures Kyushu University
Research Interests
  • PromoTing Sustainable PRactices for Digitalizing IndigenoUS CulTural Heritage - Global North and South Juxtaposed (TRUST)
    keyword : Social design, cultural heritage, design solutions by communities
Academic Activities
1. Akimenko, D., Sarantou, M. & Miettinen, S. , Collaborative art and storytelling as an empowering tool for social design. , Routledge Publishers, , 60-75, 2023.01, This chapter draws on two workshops carried out with a group of Anangu Aboriginal artists and the Fibrespace Incorporated textile artist group in South Australia. The two workshops are part of a two-year project titled ‘Women Living on the Edges of the World’, which is also informally known as ‘Margin to Margin’. The chapter discusses the role of art, storytelling and narrative practice as a means for local empowerment by focusing on the front end of social design processes, when artistic and social design methods are used to familiarise the participants, designers, artists or artist-researchers with one another. Empathy refers to the capacity to understand the elements that shape the realities and situations people face. Empowerment refers to the degree of self-determination and autonomy in groups or individuals and the ability to represent their interests responsibly and in the way they determine..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Social Design Network
  • DESIS Network Social Innovation and Sustainability
Educational Activities
Special Project, Social Design
Professional and Outreach Activities
Promote international exchange lectures with a focus on service design with at least 4 international organisations and / or universities, such as Aalto University, University of Lapland, Loughborough University. Universidades Desarrollo, University of Architecture and Design Norway, Volkswagen.

Promote and plan the promotion of international lectures with a focus on social design with at least two partner universities, for example with Latvian Art Academy and Politechnico di Milano.

Promote and plan collaboration with the DESIS network and implement a DESIS Cafe at Kyushu University.

Promote collaboration with the Social Design Network (SDN) and apply for membership..