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Hideaki Morishita Last modified date:2023.12.09

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Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Disease Biology
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Outline Activities
We are investigating the molecular mechanisms, significance, and related diseases of large-scale and intriguing intracellular degradation phenomena occurring in vivo. So far, we have focused on the "phenomenon in which all organelles in the lens are degraded," the mechanism of which had remained unknown for more than 100 years, and have succeeded for the first time in identifying a novel organelle degradation mechanism (mediated by PLAAT phospholipase) that does not involve autophagy (Morishita* [*co-principal author] et al., Nature 2021). We will continue to focus on the mysterious intracellular degradation phenomena occurring in various organs in vivo, while further expanding our vision, by making full use of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, and other techniques, including zebrafish, mice, etc.
Research Interests
  • Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms, physiological significance, and relevance to disease of the dramatic intracellular degradation and remodeling phenomena occurring in vivo
    keyword : Intracellular degradation and remodeling, phospholipase-mediated autophagy-independent novel dependent degradation system, autophagy, ubiquitin-proteasome system
Academic Activities
1. Morishita H* (*corresponding author), Role of autophagy in the eye: from physiology to disease, Curr Opin Physiol, 2022.09.
2. Morishita H*, Komatsu M*(*co-corresponding authors), Role of autophagy in liver diseases, Curr Opin Physiol, 2022.09.
3. Hama Y*, Morishita H* (*co-first authors), Mizushima N, Regulation of ER-derived membrane dynamics by the DedA domain-containing proteins VMP1 and TMEM41B, EMBO Rep, 2022.01.
4. Morishita H*(* co-corresponding authors), Mizushima N*, Diverse Cellular Roles of Autophagy, Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol, 2019.10.
5. Morishita H, Mizushima N, Autophagy in the lens, Exp Eye Res, 2016.03.
1. Ikeda R, Noshiro D, Morishita H, Takada S, Kageyama S, Fujioka Y, Funakoshi T, Komatsu-Hirota S, Arai R, Ryzhii E, Abe M, Koga T, Motohashi H, Nakao M, Sakimura K, Horii A, Waguri S, Ichimura Y, Noda NN, Komatsu M, Phosphorylation of phase-separated p62 bodies by ULK1 activates a redox-independent stress response, EMBO J, 2023.06.
2. Kurusu R, Fujimoto Y, Morishita H,*(co-first authors,*co-corresponding authors), Noshiro D, Takada S, Yamano K, Tanaka H, Arai R, Kageyama S, Funakoshi T, Komatsu-Hirota S, Taka H, Kazuno S, Miura Y, Koike M, Wakai T, Waguri S, Noda NN, Komatsu M*, Integrated proteomics identifies p62-dependent selective autophagy of the supramolecular vault complex, Dev Cell, 2023.05.
3. Hideaki Morishita* (*co-corresponding authors), Tomoya Eguchi, Satoshi Tsukamoto, Yuriko Sakamaki, Satoru Takahashi, Chieko Saito, Ikuko Koyama-Honda, Noboru Mizushima*, Organelle degradation in the lens by PLAAT phospholipases, Nature, 2021.04.
4. Morishita H, Kanda Y, Kaizuka T, Chino H, Nakao K, Miki Y, Taketomi Y, Guan J-L, Murakami M, Aiba A, Mizushima N, Autophagy Is Required for Maturation of Surfactant-Containing Lamellar Bodies in the Lung and Swim Bladder, Cell Rep, 2020.12.
5. Morishita H, Zhao YG*, Tamura N*(*co-second authors), Nishimura T, Kanda Y, Sakamaki Y, Okazaki M, Li D, Mizushima N, A critical role of VMP1 in lipoprotein secretion, eLife, 2019.09.
6. Kaizuka T*, Morishita H*(*co-first authors), Hama Y, Tsukamoto S, Matsui T, Toyota Y, Kodama A, Ishihara T, Mizushima T, Mizushima N, An Autophagic Flux Probe that Releases an Internal Control, Mol Cell, 2016.11.
7. Tsuboyama K, Koyama-Honda I, Sakamaki Y, Koike M, Morishita H, Mizushima N, The ATG conjugation systems are important for degradation of the inner autophagosomal membrane, Science, 2016.11.
8. Morishita H, Eguchi S, Kimura H, Sasaki J, Sakamaki Y, Robinson ML, Sasaki T, Mizushima N, Deletion of Autophagy-related 5 (Atg5) and Pik3c3 Genes in the Lens Causes Cataract Independent of Programmed Organelle Degradation, J Biol Chem, 2013.04.
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