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Nobuo Geshi Last modified date:2024.05.07

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PhD in Science
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volcanology, geology, ignenous petrology
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Outline Activities
I promote the study of the subsurface behavior of magmas that drives volcanic eruptions, using the combinative approaches of geological and petrological methods. How magma rises in the crust forms magma reservoirs, what triggers magma accumulated in magma reservoirs to start rising toward the surface, and what kind of dynamic balance is required for the formation of magmatic conduit. The formation processes of volcanic conduits and calderas caused by the collapse of magma chambers are also the subject of my research. I also study the transition mechanism of explosive eruptions by analyzing the microstructure and chemical composition of volcanic ash and other eruptive products. I am also studying the history of eruption activities of volcanoes using the geological analysis of the lithofacies and stratigraphy of the volcanic products. Though I have studied many volcanoes in Japan and international, recently I have studied mainly the volcanoes and volcanic fields in the Kyushu area, such as Sakurajima and Aira Caldera. Recently, I have been introducing various automated analysis methods for the volcanic ejecta and volcanic outcrops.
Research Interests
  • Research of Volcanic activity and eruption mechanism
    keyword : volcano, eruption, magma,
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  • International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
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