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Sung Yubin Last modified date:2024.06.03

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Ph.D. in Psychology (Kyushu University)
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1. Yubin Sung, Hiroyuki Mitsudo, Kimchi or gimchi? Perceived similarity between Korean lenis and Japanese voiced/voiceless stop sounds, Acoustical Science and Technology, 10.1250/ast.44.66, 44, 2, 66-76, 2023.03, When distinguishing stop consonants, Korean listeners use the fundamental frequency of the following vowel (F0) as well as the voice onset time (VOT). However, it is unclear whether the F0 and VOT of natural speech sounds play an effective role in hearing nonnative stops. In the present study, we examined whether Korean listeners perceive Japanese voiced stops, rather than Japanese voiceless stops, as being similar to Korean lenis stops depending on F0 and VOT. Native Korean listeners matched a speech sound starting with either a Japanese voiced or voiceless stop to a target. The targets were meaningful visual words starting with a lenis stop in Experiment 1 and meaningless speech sounds starting with a lenis stop in Experiment 2. Native Japanese listeners, who primarily use VOT for stop distinction, also participated in Experiment 2. The results revealed that the extent to which Korean listeners chose voiced stops was influenced consistently by F0, and the pattern of results differed between Korean and Japanese listeners. These findings suggest that even when hearing natural speech sounds, Korean listeners use F0 when judging the similarity between lenis and nonnative stops..
1. Yubin Sung, Hiroyuki Mitsudo, A psychological study of cross-language communication: perceptual differences in hearing stop consonants between Korean and Japanese speakers, The 4th World Social Science Forum, 2018.09.
2. Yubin Sung, Hiroyuki Mitsudo, Korean and Japanese speakers use different acoustic cues for hearing Korean consonants: Measuring acoustic features of Korean lenis stops and Japanese voiceless and voiced stops, The 3rd International Five-Sense Symposium, 2018.09.
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