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Tatsuro Zeze Last modified date:2024.06.03

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Endothelial Insulin Resistance Exacerbates Experimental Periodontitis. Journal of Dental Research 2023.9;102(10):1152-1161
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Doctor
Field of Specialization
Research Interests
  • Development of an innovative method for promoting healing of diabetes-related periodontitis by improving insulin resistance in the gingival region
    keyword : Diabetes-related periodontitis、Insulin resistance、endothelial cell、Insulin sensitizer
Academic Activities
1. Tatsuro Zeze, Takanori Shinjo, Kohei Sato, Yuki Nishimura, Mio Imagawa, Shuang Chen, Al-kafee Ahmed, Misaki Iwashita, Akiko Yamashita, Takao Fukuda, Terukazu Sanui, Kyoungmin Park, George L King, Fusanori Nishimura, Endothelial insulin resistance exacerbates experimental periodontitis, Journal of Dental Research, 10.1177/00220345231181539., 102, 10, 1152-1161, 2023.09.