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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 School of Engineering Professor Masaru Tanaka Bioamterials
2 School of Engineering Professor Noritada Kaji Analytical Chemistry, Micro- and Nano Bioanalytical Chemistry, Nanobiotechnology
3 School of Engineering Professor Takuma Yasuda Functional materials chemistry; Physical organic chemistry; Organic electronics
4 School of Engineering Professor Yu Hoshino Biomolecular Engineering, Protein Science, Polymer Science, Molecular Recognition, Colloid & Surface Chemistry
5 School of Engineering Associate Professor Aleksandar Tsekov Staykov Chemistry
6 School of Engineering Associate Professor Ki-Seok Yoon Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology, Enzyme Technology, Biochemistry
7 School of Engineering Associate Professor Koji Nakano Analytical Chemistry
8 School of Engineering Assistant Professor Yoshirou Kawaguchi Protein engineering, Structural biology
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