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Hideo Mori Last modified date:2018.06.11

Associate Professor / Fluids Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Development of Pressure Distribution Measurement Method on Inner Wall of Turbofan Using Pressure Sensitive Paint
Kazuya HANDA, Keishiro TAKEDA, Tomohiro IMAZEKI, Kil-ju MOON, Hideo MORI
Journal of the Vizualization Society of Japan, Vol. 37, Suppl. 2, OS1-1-5.
2. Pressure/temperature simultaneous measurement method of dual layer PSP/TSP using lifetime based method
Kil-Ju Moon and Hideo Mori
Journal of the Vizualization Society of Japan, Vol. 37, Suppl. 1, F113.
3. Hideo Mori, Keishiro Takeda, Kazuya Handa, Tomohiro Imazeki and Kil-ju Moon, APPLICATION OF FAST-RESPONSE PRESSURE SENSITIVE PAINT FOR MEASUREMENT OF INTERNAL FLOWS, The 11th Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualization and Image Processing, PSFVIP-11-085, 2017.12, There are still very few applications of pressure sensitive paint (PSP) for measurement of nonstationary pressure distribution of internal flows in mechanical engineering fields. Application method of PSP taking the luminescent images of PSP through the transparent solid body (e.g. shroud wall of turbomachinery) and translucent PSP layer enables to apply PSP to the measurement of internal flows. However, this method results in low S/N, because PSP without opaque white basecoat has low luminescent intensity and overlaying image inside the body through the transparent material and PSP layer cause significant error in taking the luminescent image of PSP. To solve the problem, we have developed the application method of PSP by using an opaque, oxygen-permeable overcoat layer having porous structure made of nanoparticles of boron nitride (BN). This overcoat enables to increase the S/N of PSP in the transparent mode, which is needed for measurement of internal flows. In this study, we apply silica nanoparticle PSP having fast time response, because the pressure distribution on a shroud wall of turbomachinery is intrinsically unsteady. To analyze the effect of the opaque overcoat on the pressure sensitivity and the time response of the PSP, we have compared the properties of the PSP with the overcoat and those of the PSP without the overcoat. As a result, it is clarified that the opaque overcoat of BN nanoparticle does not reduce the pressure sensitivity and the time response of the fast-response PSP, which can detect periodical pressure change of the order of 100Pa and lower than 3 kHz. We have applied the fast-response PSP with the overcoat to the pressure measurement of an inner wall of a test axial compressor with the blade-passing frequency of 520Hz, and the qualitative images of the pressure distribution are obtained. We consider that the most significant source of the error in the pressure measurement is the temperature-dependence of the PSP. Therefore, the simultaneous measurement of temperature distribution is needed to increase the accuracy of the pressure measurement using the PSP..
4. Kil-ju Moon, Hideo Mori, Lifetime-based method of dual-layer PSP/TSP for simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature using a single camera
, 7th JSME-KSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference, TFEC9-1042, 2017.10, The measurement method using PSP (Pressure Sensitive Paint) is useful to measure the two-dimensional pressure distributions on solid surfaces. However, PSP has not only pressure dependence but also temperature dependence. The error of temperature dependence becomes relatively large when measuring low-gauge pressure condition because PSP is absolute pressure sensor. To solve the problem, we designed DL-PTSP (Dual layer PSP/TSP) which stack up TSP (Temperature Sensitive Paint) and PSP layers, to apply TSP to temperature compensation of PSP. In the previous studies, we showed the temperature compensation effect of DL-PTSP with the intensity-based method at non-uniform temperature field in low-gauge pressure condition. However, the intensity-based method using DL-PTSP requires two cameras for simultaneous measurement of temperature and pressure because it requires two optical filters to separate the luminescence of PSP and TSP. In this study, we propose the method of simultaneous measurement using DL-PTSP with lifetime-based method. Big advantage of the method is to enable simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature with a single camera, because the different lifetime of PSP and TSP enables to separate the luminescence of PSP and TSP without using two optical filters. In addition, DL-PTSP using lifetime-based method does not require wind off images, which may cause significant error of PSP with intensity-based method. At first, we show the dependence of the lifetime of mono-layer PSP and mono-layer TSP on the pressure and the temperature, to clarify the feasibility of the lifetime-based measurement method of PSP and TSP, and we propose the detailed method to separate the luminescence of them. Finally, we apply the lifetime-based method to DL-PTSP and suggest the possibility of temperature compensation of the DL-PTSP..
5. Hideo Mori, Kyohei Maeda, Masato Furukawa, Masao Akiyoshi, Measurement technique for unsteady low-speed flow fields using poly(TMSP)-based pressure sensitive paint, Proceedings of the ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, AJK2015-20700, 2015.07.
6. Hideo Mori, Naoto Omura, Kyohei Maeda, Takayuki Ohbuchi, Susumu Nakano, Hideki Ono, Yuta Yanase, Imaging measurement of the pressure distribution using dual-layer PSP/TSP in the supersonic flow field with shockwaves, 16th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, June 24-28, 2014, Okinawa, Japan, ISFV16-1064., 2014.06, We apply pressure sensitive paint (PSP) to quantitative analysis of pressure distribution and visualization of shockwave structures on a sidewall in a supersonic flow passing through a turbine cascade. To compensate for the temperature dependence of PSP, we apply dual-layer PSP/TSP, the combination method of PSP and temperature sensitive paint (TSP) based on luminescent nanoparticles of ZnS-AgInS2 (ZAIS). Accuracy of the pressure measurement of the sidewall with non-uniform temperature distribution by the dual-layer PSP/TSP is examined in the supersonic wind tunnel tests, by comparing the pressure data obtained by the dual-layer PSP/TSP with those measured by pressure taps. The pressure distribution on the sidewall measured by the PSP component showed large error without temperature compensation, which is reduced effectively by the temperature compensation using the temperature distribution obtained by the TSP component. In addition, the shockwave structures visualized by the dual-layer PSP/TSP is compared with those obtained by the schlieren photograph. There is slight difference in shock angles and thickness between them, because the PSP visualizes the shockwave structure close to the sidewall while the schlieren photograph visualizes the shock structure in the mainstream..
7. Kil-Ju Moon, Yuichiro Ambe, Hiroaki Kawabata, Hideo Mori, Effect of Temperature Compensation for Dual-layer PSP/TSP in Low Speed Flow, Eighth International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2011), 570-571, 2011.11.
8. Kil-Ju Moon, Hideo Mori, Yuichiro Ambe, Hiroaki Kawabata, Development of Dual-layer PSP/TSP System for Pressure and Temperature Measurements in Low-speed Flow Field, ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference 2011, AJK2011-11020, 2011.07.
9. Hideo Mori, Toshizumi Yoshimoto, Kil-Ju Moon, Yusaku Inoue, A Priori Calibration of Pressure Sensitive Paint for Low-speed Flows, The 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, ISFV14-8E-1, 2010.06.
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