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List of Presentations
Satoru Uchida Last modified date:2019.11.02

Associate Professor / Linguistic Information / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Satoru Uchida, Linguistic category and metaphorical extension, No.150 NII Shonan Meeting, 2019.02.
2. Mitsuhiro Morita, Satoru Uchida and Yuka Takahashi, Prefixes and suffixes in Japanese junior high school English textbooks, Fourth Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2018), 2018.09.
3. Satoru Uchida and Masashi Negishi, Assigning CEFR-J levels to English texts based on textual features, Fourth Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2018), 2018.09.
4. Kazuki Ashihara, Tomoyuki Kajiwara, Yuki Arase and Satoru Uchida, Contextualized Word Representations for Multi-Sense Embedding, The 32nd Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC 32), 2018.12.
5. Toru Oga, Tetsuya Nakatoh, Satoru Uchida and Yuki Ooi, Mapping Multicultural Discourses and Policy Practices: A Quantitative Text Analysis of Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Plans in Japanese Local Governments, World Social Science Forum 2018, 2018.09.
6. Satoru Uchida, Shohei Takada, and Yuki Arase, CEFR-based Lexical Simplification Dataset, The Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018), 2018.05.
7. Toru Oga, Tetsuya Nakatoh, and Satoru Uchida, Quantitative text analyses for apologies, pardons and reconciliations in East Asia: An examination of the Political Restoration Index (PRI), 6th Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network, 2016.12.
8. Toru Oga, Tesuya Nakatoh, Satoru Uchida, Redefining political discourses and reconstructing social bonds: How Japanese Diet Members use Twitter as a complement to their political activities, Biopolitics 2.0: Digital Subjects in MANCEPT Workshops, 2016.09.
9. Satoru Uchida, Textual Criterial Features of CEFR levels: An Overview of the Text Profile, 大学英語教育学会第55回国際大会, 2016.09.
10. Tetsuya Nakatoh, Satoru Uchida, Emi Ishita, and Toru Oga, Automated Generation of Coding Rules: Text-Mining Approach to ISO 26000, The 7th International Conference on E-Service and Knowledge Management (ESKM 2016), 2016.07.
11. Satoru Uchida, Verb Collocations and CEFR Criterial Features, 学習者コーパスによる英語 CEFR レベル基準特性の特定と活用に関する総合的研究:研究成果報告シンポジウム, 2016.03.
12. kaito Mizushima, Yuki Arase, Satoru Uchida, Automatic CEFR level assignment to English text based on lexical and structural profiles, 学習者コーパスによる英語 CEFR レベル基準特性の特定と活用に関する総合的研究:研究成果報告シンポジウム, 2016.03.
13. Satoru Uchida, A Frame Semantic Approach to Lexicographic Evaluation, The 8th Asian Association for Lexicography. (ASIALEX2011, 2011.08.
14. Yoko Hasegawa, Russell Lee-Goldman, Albert Kong, Kyoko Ohara, Kimi Akita, Satoru Uchida, and Charles J. Fillmore, A Study of Paraphrasing in Terms of FrameNet and Frame Semantics, The 6th International Conference on Construction Grammar., 2010.09.
15. Satoru Uchida and Seiko Fujii, A Frame-Based Approach to Connectives, Frames and Constructions: A Conference in Honor of Charles J. Fillmore, 2009.07.
16. Satoru Uchida, A Relevance Theoretic Account of Japanese Additive Markers: A Case of tada and tadashi, ELSJ 2nd International Spring Forum, 2009.04.
17. Satoru Uchida and Junko Haruyama, Complementary Distributions of Conventional Metaphors: Evidence for Discourse Metaphors in Japanese, 2nd UK Postgraduate Conference in Cognitive Linguistics, 2008.08.
18. Satoru Uchida and Seiko Fujii, A FrameNet Approach to Connectives: The Polysemy of while, 10th Conference of the Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics, 2007.09.
19. Toshio Ohori, Makiko Mizuno, Satoru Uchida and Anita Nagy, Metaphors of Human Relationship: A Case from Japanese, 10th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, 2007.07.