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Tomoyasu Nakamura Last modified date:2021.04.12

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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Research Interests
  • Screening test for autism spectrum disorder
    keyword : item response theory, autism spectrum disorder
  • Development of psychological testing using item response theory
    keyword : item response theory
    1991.04Development of Psychological Testing using Item Respose Theory.
  • Development of Computerized Adaptive Testing
    keyword : item response theory, adaptive testing
    1991.04Development of Computerized Adaptive Testing.
  • Parameter Estimaion in Latant Variable Models
    keyword : item response theory, structural equation modeling, multivariate analysis
    1984.04Parameter Estimaion in Latant Variable Models.
Current and Past Project
  • Support for Flexible Learning and Evaluation
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Graduate School
Data Analysis in Psychology
Psychological Measurement

Undergraduate School
Introduction to Statistics for Psychology
Multivariate Data Analysis in Psychology
Other Educational Activities
  • 2008.05.