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List of Papers
Akio Onjo Last modified date:2024.04.19

Professor / Geography / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. Onjo Akio, The Politics of Human Excreta: Urban-Rural Metabolic Rift in Modern Japan, 1920s, FUKUDA T. ed.:Materiality, People's Experience and Making Geographical Knowledge. Japanese Contributions to the History of Geographical Thought (12), 29-42, 2020.03.
2. On the Urban Riot in Shimonoseki City in 1913.
3. Onjo Akio, The Politics of Urban Festivals and Community in Postwar Japan: "Hakata Gion Yamakasa" in Fukuoka City, Akio ONJO ed.:Power Relations, Situated Practices, and the Politics of the Commons. Japanese Contributions to the History of Geographical Thought (11), 75-92, 2017.03.
4. ONJO Akio, Eating Rice and Feeding the City : Body Politics in Modern Japan, SHIMAZU T. ed. :Languages, Materiality, and the Construction of Geographical Modernities. Japanese Contributions to the History of Geographical Thought (10), 29-40, 2014.03.
5. Sanitary Surveillance and the Control of Urban Space in Modern Japan.
6. Feeding Modern Japanese Cities  A Note on the Transformation of Urban Societes in the Late Meiji Era..
7. ONJO Akio, Festival,Identity and Urban Community in Modern Japan:Yamakasa Festival
in Hakata, Fukuoka City, 1880-1940., Mizuuchi T. ed.: Critical and Radical Geographies of the Social, the Spatial and the Political. URP, pp.139-152, 2006.01.
8. Representing the Urban underclass.
9. On urbanization and the changes of urban-rural relations. Nature,power and sewage disposal problems in Fukuoka,Japan:1900-1930..
10. Social problems on small and medium sized retailers in Fukuoka Prefecture,1930s.
11. Notes on the studies of small town and secondary cities in West Africa.
12. Street Stalls and Hawker in Urban Space..
13. Review of Studies on Urban Informal Sector and Small Scale Enterprises In Ghana.
14. Akio Onjo, Power, Social Discipline and the Control of Urban Space:A Case Study in Moji Western Japan 1890-1930, Science Report of Tohoku University Ser 7 (Geography), 45, 1, 43-68頁, 1995.06.