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Yoshihiko MINAMIZAWA Last modified date:2020.05.20

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Academic Degree
D.Litt., Kyoto University, M.A., Kyoto University
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
chinese thought
Research Interests
  • Thoughts of Ancient and Medieval China
    keyword : Confucianism,Chinese Astronomy,Rituals
    1998.04Chinese thought.
Academic Activities
1. A Study on a relationship between Jiangzuo-Dajiang and Confucianism on Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties period : Technology and Bureaucracy on Medieval China.
2. A Study of the Mingtang of BeiWei and Sui.
3. A Study on the mingtang of the Tang dynasty.
4. On Chunqiu-Zuoshi-Jingzhuan-Tu of Xie Zhuang.
5. The Building of Ming Tang in theSong Period of the Southern Dynasties and the Ming Tang Ge(the Songs of Ming Tang)of Xie Zhuang.
6. A Study of the Learning and Thought of Cai Yong.
7. A study on Zhang Heng's qiaosi and his Yinjian

The Nippon-Chugoku-Gakkai-Ho
Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan
No.48 1996 oct..
8. Zhang Heng's cosmolosy and its political nature

Eastern Studies
No.89 1995 jan..
9. The appearance of Diwang Shiji and its significance

The Nippon-Chugoku-Gakkai-Ho
Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan
No.44 1992 oct..
1. Han Scholarship in the Northern and Southern Dynasties: Tradition and Innovation to Be Seen in the Ming-t‘ang,MINAMIZAWA Yoshihiko,64th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF EASTERN STUDIES,Tokyo, May 18th, 2019
, [URL].
2. A Study on MingTang of Southern Dynasities.
Educational Activities
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