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Rin-ichiro Taniguchi Last modified date:2021.08.17

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Real world robotics
Trustee(Vice President)

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
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Academic Degree
Dr. Engineering
Field of Specialization
Computer Vision
Outline Activities
[Research Activities]
He is engaged in Image Processing, Computer Vision, Prallel Processing Systems, and Multi-media Information Systems.

He received several awards such as Sakai-Prize of Information Processing Society of Japan, Niwa-Takayanagi Best Paper Prize of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers.

[Educational Activities]
He has classes of Department of Advanced Information Technologies, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, and of Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Engineering. In addtion, he had several part time classes at Fukuoka University, Kumamoto University, etc.

[Social Activities]
He has engaged in joint research with several private companies and municipal corporations.
Research Interests
  • Application of CPS to Smart Agriculture
    keyword : Cyber Physical System, Computer Vision, Smart Agriculture
  • Real world information sharing based on "Clickable Real World"
    keyword : Real world tagging, Real world linking, Access via mobile terminal, Landmark recognition
  • Wide area surveillance by distributed vision system
    keyword : Image processing, distributed vision, visual surveillance, sensor fusion
  • Social uses of sensing information
    keyword : Sensing technology, Scene analyss, Open system, Data sharing
  • Parallel computer vision
    keyword : Parallel computer vision, parallel processing, Cluster computing
  • Human action understanding by vision
    keyword : Computer vision, human motion sensing, human action understanding
  • Detection and tracking of objects in vision
    keyword : object detection, object tracking, image processing
  • Real-time Human Proxy
    keyword : Virtuarize of human action, communication tool, non-verbal information
  • Real-time free viewpoint video system
    keyword : Free viewpoint system, reconstruction of object model, real-time processing
  • Human activity support using mixed reality technology
    keyword : Mixed reality, Human activity support, action recognition
Academic Activities
1. Rin-ichiro TANIGUCHI and Daisaku Arita, Real-time Human Proxy (in Conversational Informatics, T.Nishida ed), Wiley, 2007.09.
Works, Software and Database
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Educational Activities
Graduate School
Real world image processing, Seminor in Advanced Information Technology I, II, III,

Undergraduate School
Discrete Mathematics, Engineer's Ethics and Management