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List of Books
Rin-ichiro Taniguchi Last modified date:2022.03.06

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Trustee(Vice President)

1. Rin-ichiro TANIGUCHI and Daisaku Arita, Real-time Human Proxy (in Conversational Informatics, T.Nishida ed), Wiley, 2007.09.
2. M. Yokota, R. Taniguchi and E. Kawaguchi, Language-Picture Question-Answering Through Common Semantic Representation and Its Application to the World of Weather Report (in Natural Language Communication with Pictorial Information Systems), Springer Verlag, 1984.10.
3. Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Eiji Kawaguchi, Expert System of Image Processing and its Application to LANDSAT Image Analysis (in Expert Systems in Engineering Applications), Sringer, pp.120-142, 1993.07.